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Trophy Awards: Non-monetary Form Of Recognition

Trophy Awards: Non-monetary Form Of Recognition

Catering trophy awards and other honorary recognition is one powerful tools to promote organizational and team goals and objectives. Frequently neglected options, as a non-monetary form of recognition, these awards are more effective than cash awards.

Some expert's states that this form of non-monetary awards has four important benefits over cash awards. As you continue reading this article, you you'll learn those types of awards.

Memory value: The importance of informal and honorary recognition awards, doesn't matter if it is a mug, plaque, or a similar item, offer a long-lasting memory than money since they can be spend and gone, while the recognition items remain on employee's desk or in their cabinet.

Trophy value: Trophy Awards as non-monetary awards can be often are given away to co-workers or friends as a token of appreciation of their efforts and good work. A bank statement or check is generally something that employees don't exhibit.

Flexibility: Other another advantage of giving non-monetary recognition awards is that it can highlight specific organizational or team purpose and goals. For instance, a mug or a t-shirt with the organization's mission and vision statement could be awarded to a group that has fulfilled an immediate goal on the dot. This form of recognition award value good performance and promotes teamwork.

Monetary awards cost more: Some studies of private sector awards discovered that employers can save money on non-monetary awards than giving out cash incentives to outstanding employees. On the other hand, survey found out that employers claimed about the same level of performance perfection with cash and non-monetary awards and that the awards held around the same apparent worth.

Trophy awards are your way to cost-effective solutions in showing piece of appreciation to a job well done. They are not only affordable and advantageous, but they were also exceptionally premium awards that would have your employees in smiles and heart-filled with thanks.