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Years of Service Plaques - Gratitude Immortalized

Every good manager knows that the backbone of every organization is its workers. If the workers are not happy things will not go well for that particular company. A good manager also knows that their organization must have a good historical background so that it keeps on attracting workers who deliver. One way of ensuring that a company maintains a good track record is by honoring their workers who have devoted their whole lives to their work place. When the time comes for them to leave do not just give them a paycheck but also do give them years of service plaques.

Years of service plaques are symbols of gratitude and when given to an employee, they feel like they did something for the company they worked for and that they were not money-making machines. Manufacturing with different materials like wood, metal, plastic and crystals or combinations give a variety of choices.

Service awards are not only a form of appreciation but they also boost staff morale and happy workers are productive workers. You can only make things better by personalizing the years of service plaques for instance you can have the company logo and the employees' names on the award. You can also include their contribution to the organization on it so that when they put it somewhere in their house they can let people know they were once part and parcel of something great.

So who deserves recognition in your company? Well as the manager you might think of that wonderful secretary who has never been late for work and always does things on time including bringing your coffee but there are other things to consider apart from punctuality. Old is gold; all the employees who served for more than fifteen years should qualify automatically.

Divide the years of service into several categories like employee of the year, team players and long service. Now with the categories comes the different type of layouts that you would like to have on the awards. You can have an award which has a golden frame or other themes. You can also make things look better by including the employees' picture and a wooden finish to go with it wouldn't be so bad.

It is all about appreciating your workers but it is also about appreciating them in a way that is worthy and deserving. You see it's not only about the money that you pay your workers. It is also about you noticing every sweat they break, every new idea they bring and every lunch break they take to eat and get more energy to serve you better. All what they do to make your organization a better one than they found it, years of service awards immortalize it. As a manager you will have said thank you straight from the heart.