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Employee Of The Year Award

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Setting Company Standards For The Employee Of The Year Award

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Choosing to recognize the year's most dedicated employee is not without its potential pitfalls. Having a popularity based method of choosing the recipient of the Employee of the Year Award can create office tensions that extend far beyond the next 365 days. Companies can avoid an office shake up by basing the selection process upon measurable goals that are equally attainable by all members of staff.

It doesn't seem possible that a kind gesture can have overwhelming repercussions, but in some offices that is exactly the case. This is because some companies try so hard to include staff in their decision to award employees that some members of the staff unwittingly get left out of the selection process. When businesses choose to use office polls in selection procedures, less popular members may get left out of the loop even though they are sincerely dedicated workers.

While it is definitely a sincere effort to be considerate of the opinions of staff, office polls rarely, if ever, provide an effective of employee effort. Human resources should maintain control of recognition programs and relay to staff a comprehensive statement that details the criteria for qualifying as the employee of the year. Employee attributes such as punctuality, the ability to meet or exceed measurable goals and effective problem solving skills can be among the criteria.

Having measurable goals also mean having the accessibility to all of the necessary tools needed to achieve them. Companies must assess and reassess the criteria for recognition and make certain that goals remain attainable throughout the course of the year. In some businesses such as construction or property development, various delays that resulting from problems exterior to the office can hinder a segment of the staff from clear qualification. Keeping the standards up to date therefore, remains of import.

An added benefit of having a clear understanding of what is expected in order to qualify as the employee of the year is that all members of staff know how to work towards this end, and are likely to invest better efforts in the areas of applied criteria. This can mean a year's worth of increased effort and dedication from the entire workforce. When everyone has an equal opportunity of reward, everyone will have an equal amount of inspiration to apply themselves more wholeheartedly.

When employees know the set company expectations that must be met in order to be named the employee of the year, it provides a fair playing ground for all members of staff to aspire towards this end. Issuing an Employee of the Year Award should be a pleasurable experience for both the company and the recipient. By having measurable standards by which the recipient is chosen a company can avoid employee resentment and office tension.