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Service Recognition Awards

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A Look At The Significance Of Giving Service Recognition Awards

When it comes to picking the most suitable Service Recognition Awards, there is a lot of variety on offer. By tradition, such awards have always been given as token of recognition of merit and these awards can also signify that an employee has put in long years of devoted service. There are therefore many different awards that can be chosen for, among other things, to commemorate important occasions.

However, over the recent past, companies that have downsized and which have seen baby boomers retiring have cut down on offering service recognition awards to those who have been serving the company for a long time. Instead, these companies are offering such awards to those whose performance has been extraordinary. Companies will therefore be offering such awards to salespersons that have, for example, sold the maximum number of products or services.

Of course, service recognition awards that are given to top salespersons are not the same as incentives earned by the same salespersons. The latter option is given as a means of motivating the employee rather than rewarding them for their outstanding service.

Traditionally, awards of recognition for excellent service were given as gifts. This led to rise in the numbers of companies specializing in making such gift items. The company that is thinking about awarding their employees can enter into special arrangements with companies that make the gifts and in this way can create gifts that suit their type of business.

Banks as well as pharmaceutical companies generally tend to add their company logo to the gift while other companies offer awards in the form of appliances and jewelry and items of personal use.

Whatever kind of award is given to employees, it is important that these gifts or awards show to the recipient that they are valued and are important to the company. A happy employee will not only perform better, but will also stick around for a longer time as well.