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Crystal Corporate Awards For Your Outstanding Employees

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Why You Should Choose Crystal Corporate Awards For Your Outstanding Employees


Luxurious crystal Corporate Recognition Awards provide the highest quality acknowledgment you may give to an outstanding employee. The beautiful etched crystal designs make stunning thank you gifts that no traditional trophy can match. Here are some reasons why you should choose crystal for your next awards event.

Crystal awards are available in a wide range of stunning shapes and sizes. Some are made in simple geometric shapes such as ovals or circles. Some are found in unique designs such as multiple stars, faceted octagons or 3-D diamonds. The clear glass give these awards a clean, modern appearance that is very appealing.

The recipient will be able to display an award of this type in any decor and the gift will not detract from its surroundings. Though contemporary in design, these lovely crystal creations reflect light much like a fine vase or bowl. The light shining through it can create a prism of color that is delightful regardless of the room furnishings.

Though generally very sturdy, crystal has an image of fragility and quality. Many of these awards are designed with cut facets that spread rainbows of colors throughout the different crystal surfaces in the product. Receiving one can feel very similar to receiving a very expensive jewel.

To personalize any crystal award product, glass etching can be added. The purpose for the prize, the recipient's name, the date, and the company name are all items that may be etched onto the surface of the gift. For some crystal bowls and vases, it is also possible to include these details on a plaque attached to the stand on which the product is displayed.

If a unique, personalized crystal gift is desired, it may be purchased online. There are online stores that offer many beautiful award choices. All of the etching or engraving details can also be taken care of online. Each store strives to offer additional, high quality customer service when extra decisions need to be made. Do consider choosing lovely crystal corporate awards for your next business function. Your employees will be well recognized, and the event will be a success.