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Engraved Award Plaques

Engraved Award Plaque For Many Occasions


A plaque is simply a piece of stone, metal, ceramic, wood, or other material and is often engraved with text to serve as a memory of an important person or event. An engraved paque is commonly used as commemoration plaques and are often used for awards. They are sometimes used as a going away gift and are given as awards instead of trophies or ribbons.

There are many different kinds of plaques made out of hundreds of different materials and can be engraved in many different ways. One very popular type of plaque is made from bronze is usually 3/8" to 5/8" thick and available in a variety of sizes. Bronze plaques can be used either inside or outside and are durable even in weather, making them a great choice for buildings.

Plaques can be made in special designs, such as a plaque in the shape of a state to use on government buildings. Many people have plaques made in the shape of an animal to commemorate a loved pet. Plaques are often made in the shape of a school's mascot for educational or sport awards.

Ornate plaques are often used in prestigious settings, such as at a fine restaurant, hotel, or golf club. They are usually engraved with the name of the establishment, as well as the date of origin. Ornate plaques are used in many businesses as well and can be seen in places such as dentist and medical offices, insurance companies, and law offices.

Historical plaques are very common and can sometimes be found on the side of the road. Historical markers are nothing more than a Engraved Plaque. This type of plaque is used to commemorate historical events and the people involved. Perhaps the most common type of plaque can be seen bearing house signs. Many people use a plaque to post their house number because of their durability.