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Plaques of Appreciation

Please go to Appreciation Plaques for our appreciation product offerings.

Tips On Choosing And Wording Plaques Of Appreciation

Everyone loves to be appreciated for the different things that they have accomplished, and what better way to show these achievements than through Plaques of Appreciation? Plaques are an easy way to show that the recipient is honored and great tokens from companies and events.

There are four steps in choosing a plaque of appreciation. Firstly, you have to choose the kind of plaque that you want to have. The color, decorations, and other elements of the plaque should be accounted for. Make sure that the plaque is appropriate for the recipient.

Next, you have to choose the size of the plaque. The size of the plaque should depend on its use. If it is only for one person, then the plaque shouldn't be too big. Usually seven by nine inches to eight by ten inches is an acceptable size for an individual. Larger plaques can be used for ones that will be displayed in buildings and commemorate a group of people.

Third, you have to choose the plate style. The plate style is the color of the plate and the color of the text. Make sure to choose colors that compliment each other. The text color should be visible against the color of the plate. Black, gold, silver, and white are the most common colors used in plate and text colors.

Lastly, you have to word the plaque of appreciation. Remember to answer the four Ws in writing a plaque. Who is giving the plaque, who receives it, when it is given, and why it is given. These are all important details that should not be left out. Make sure to use full names and titles. There are also different styles of writing the wording, professional and relaxed. Make sure that the style is appropriate for the type of appreciation is given, and use words which will focus on gratitude.