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Appreciation Plaque Should Include

Please go to Appreciation Plaques for our appreciation product offerings.

What An Appreciation Plaque Should Include

When you recognize the accomplishments of an individual there are certain steps to take to avoid short-changing his or her experience. By making sure to include the proper information you can create the award experience of a lifetime. An Appreciation Plaque that is all inclusive and well-designed is sure to be proudly displayed for a lifetime.

The first thing to check is the spelling of the recipients name. An oversight on this and the plaque immediately becomes far less showcase worthy. No one wants to be recognized for good efforts, when no one has invested the time to find out how to spell their name correctly.

In this case, spelling phonetically just won't do. Use all of your available resources to check and recheck the spelling of the recipient's name before having the plaque engraved. It is also important to verify if the individual being awarded has another name that they prefer to be addressed by rather than their given name.

If you represent an organization and are presenting the award on behalf of the company make sure that the company logo is on the reward. Try also to compose a short statement that covers the gist of the services provided to the company by the plaque recipient. Make certain that the wording of this stresses how the recipient went above and beyond the normal call of duty.

For some acts of service there may not be official dates. Try to gather data that shows an accurate time frame of the service given for which you are appreciative. If the service of merit has been long running but undocumented use adjectives to describe this in place of actual dates. Words and phrases such as tireless, unending dedication or immeasurable contributions, help convey the depth of the contribution despite not having available dates to acknowledge.

Any effort to show appreciation is generally met with gratitude. Taking simple steps to ensure that you adequately present the service related information and accurately spell the recipient's name can make receiving an appreciation plaque a wholly rewarding experience. By investing the time to double check these small issues before having your words of gratitude engraved, you show the recipient that care enough to get it right.