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Please go to Appreciation Plaques for our appreciation product offerings.

Ideas For Donor Appreciation Gifts

Donor appreciation gifts are limited only by your imagination. You might choose to tie the gift to the type of work the individual is involved in. You also could go with something that addresses the person's own interests. Either way, the token can acknowledge the work accomplished.

Baskets filled with various items can be creative and generous at the same time. You could consider a fruit basket filled with local and exotic offerings. Other baskets could involve designer soaps and bath products or cheese and wine. Visit a farmer's market for ideas for a seasonal basket.

Tickets to a movie also could be a timely gift. This strategy can work well, particularly if there is a new release that someone wants to see. If they prefer to stream movies online, perhaps there is a gift card tied for the streaming service that could be donated.

If the worker is involved in a lot of manual labor, a gift card for a spa treatment might be the perfect present. Many sites offer discounts, or you might find a deal through an online coupon site. You can take advantage of these types of deals online for spa gift cards and other types of deals, such as discounts on meals.

A special token also could involve volunteering your own time to help the worker. Consider making yourself available for any housekeeping issues he or she might need taken care of. Offer to pick up groceries for the worker, or run other errands as needed.

Donor appreciation gifts can go a long way toward building morale and letting the person know how much their time and effort is appreciated. Put some thought into the right kind of gift. Make sure there is a formal presentation ceremony so that others can take part in expressing thanks to this special person.