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Marble and Granite Gifts

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Marble And Granite Real Estate Closing Gifts

The Realtor or real estate agent may spend a considerable amount of time showing properties to a client. When a home is purchased, he or she is paid a generous commission. It is customary to present a thank you gift to the buyers. There are elegant Marble and Granite Real Estate Closing Gifts of all sizes and prices.

The Realtor is responsible for giving all the advice that goes along with purchasing a home. It is usually the largest single expenditure an individual or couple makes. There is basic advice such as sending them to a bank to have their credit pre-approved. Most sellers do not allow anyone to tour a property if they are not pre-qualified to obtain a mortgage to purchase it.

For the young couple who are buying their first home, it is crucial to tell them what inspections should be performed before committing to a purchase. Currently, there is a list of protections in place to keep them from making a costly decision. A general inspection may be followed up by a roof and chimney inspection, electrical system inspection and another of the plumbing system.

Together they will discuss things such as which schools are nearby and how good the reputation of each one is. The buyers may want a more rural address. However, they may prefer to be close to shopping venues, especially grocery stores.

Often, if it is discovered during an inspection that there is a defect in need of repair, they can negotiate either a reduction in the selling price or ask the owner to have the repair done prior to signing a contract. The Realtor will negotiate on their behalf and obtain the optimal deal for them.

At the time of closing the sale, the couple should be pleased about every detail. The Realtor will have earned a sizable commission. The cost of Marble and Granite Real Estate Closing Gifts will depend on the value of the property sold.