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Promotional Leather Luggage Tags

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Promotional Leather Luggage Tags - Genuine Leather
Promotional Leather Luggage Tags - Genuine Leather
Promotional Bulk Pack Luggage Tags
Promotional Bulk Pack Luggage Tags
Leather Promotional Bag Tags-Round
Leather Promotional Bag Tags-Round
Promotional Leather Luggage Tags - Snap Close
Promotional Leather Luggage Tags - Snap Close
Promotional Top Grain Napa Leather Luggage Tags - Big Tag
Promotional Top Grain Napa Leather Luggage Tags - Big Tag

Check out popular premium promotional gifts above or browse the personalized luggage tags. Most of them can have custom logo engraving. Note the item number and contact us for a quote. These luggage tags are made with top quality leather are debossed. No minimums or setup charges for the above products.

Do You Want Less Expensive Luggage Tags?

Promotional Luggage Tags in many shapes, sizes and color options
use the "Contact Us"  form for a quote. Minimum quantities and setup charges apply.

Uses for Promotional Leather Luggage Tags

There are a great many ways in which a group, company or organization can make their brand recognizable to many people in a low cost yet effective manner. The most common option is to give out gifts that sport their logo or information prominently. Cups, shirts and key chains are very popular items of this type but promotional leather luggage tags offer a different level of visibility. Items such as these make wonderful advertising tools because they reach a large audience that constantly changes on a regular basis. They are small enough for carrying around and feature a functionality that makes them visible to a great number of potential customers. These could possibly be one of the most affordable marketing tools available.

Advertising can be one of the most costly expenses any organization or business can face. Without finding a way to get their name or cause out into the public eye, they have little hope of maintaining the supportive customer base they need to survive. Handing out small promotional gifts is a way to let the brand travel and sell itself as it travels from person to person. Bold marketing, such as with television and billboards, or quiet marketing can have even far reaching results. People love freebies and when those gifts serve a useful function and the receiver uses them in their regular activities. This means others may be exposed to the brand marked on the object simply through association.

Luggage tags are a great choice because the nature of their function automatically means widespread exposure. Thousands of potential clients in airports, restaurants and hotels will see these little advertisements hanging from bags every day. People generally tend to register logos and trademark designs more easily than they do written information and this is an excellent way to make them seen. Leather offers many fine qualities that make it a viable option for this purpose. First, it is attractive and automatically associated with a certain level of quality and sophistication. This material is classy and has a durability that means it will last for years and withstand tough conditions and endure to serve its purpose repeatedly. It is also easy to customize so that one company's tag will stand out among a sea of generic counterparts. Tags designs come in various shapes and styles with a multitude of colors. This is a versatile material may be engraved, embossed and even printed upon in order to achieve the specific look desired.

Using promotional leather luggage tags to advertise a brand and reach a greater audience base is a very effective choice. They can be passed out at public events as free gifts, given as favors at weddings and parties or simply handed to those representatives come in contact with on a casual basis. Attractive, durable and cost effectiveness make this option a truly valuable marketing tool.