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Promotional Padfolios, Jotters, Briefcases, Folders

Junior Padfolios
Junior Padfolios

Check out popular premium promotional gifts above or browse personalized gifts. Most of them can have custom logo engraving. Note the item number and contact us for a quote. No minimums or setup charges for the above products.

Promotional Folders in many color options.
Use the "Contact Us"  form for a quote. Minimum quantities and setup charges apply.

Promotional Jotters in many color and price options. Use the "Contact Us"  form for a quote. Minimum quantities and setup charges apply.

Tablet and Laptop Holders
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Promotional Briefcases
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General Information Related To Promotional Padfolios

Promotional products, gifts, swag, items and merchandise are used for a variety of purposes all around the world. These are generally used as part of a marketing- or communication-geared campaign. Most products of this kind include some form of branding. There are a lot of items that are utilized for this purpose and are successful at providing promotion for a company, brand, image or event. Promotional padfolios are just one example of items used today for this purpose.

The products are used for promotional reasons. They typically include the logo, slogan or name of the event or company that they are trying to promote. Many companies choose products that are universal and used on a frequent basis. In business, promo folders, briefcases, padfolios and jotters are all too common.

Padfolios is the word given to a type of portable case that opens like a book and includes a writing notepad inside. Jotters are similar, but function as small notebooks that are good for jotting down quick notes. Those who work in a business environment use these items frequently, as well as briefcases and folders. This is why they are often employed for promo in the business industry.

These things can be obtained many ways. Some are sold through company stores or at events. They might also be given away for no cost. This is usually the case at tradeshows, conferences and other special events. A business might even utilize these as part of giveaways, product launches or exhibitions.

Usually the merchandise is created and used as part of brand awareness. They goal may be to build customers or traffic, or as part of employee service awards, marketing research, safety education, distributor and dealer programs, and incentive programs. When it comes to non-profit or non-commercial groups, such as schools and charities, the items may be used to create awareness or raise funds.

Items that are utilized for this purpose will range. Often times they are relative to the company, audience or the objective. Some people have been known to collect these kinds of programs as a hobby. Many times the objective is to find items that will be liked and used by the target audience on a frequent basis, which means they will be reminded of the promoted thing more than once.

Promotional padfolios serve as an example of the many promo products used today, particularly in the field of business. Folders, jotters and briefcases are often used for this as well. Many of these goods are used for the purpose of marketing and communication.