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Promotional Business Card Holders

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Promotional Business Card Holders
Promotional Business Card Holders
Promotional Crystal Business Card Holder
Promotional Crystal Business Card Holder
Promotional Business Card/License Holder
Promotional Business Card/License Holder
Deluxe Promotional Business Card Holders
Deluxe Promotional Business Card Holders

Browse the personalized business card holders. Most of them can have custom logo engraving. Note the item number and contact us for a quote

Advertise Your Business with Promotional Business Card Holders

Advertising your company using promotional items can be an inexpensive way of keeping your company name out there. Companies are giving hundreds of promotional gifts away every day. Promotional business card holders are something that people may use every day.

They are useful, small enough to carry in a briefcase, pocket or handbag. When the person uses it, they see a reminder of your company. They are helping to advertising your business when they use it in front of their clients.

It generally works out that the more you order of a promotional item, the cheaper it works out per item. That is because the cost of having your template made is the most expensive part of the production process. Once your template is ready it can be used repeatedly which helps to spread cost over the number of items you order. Because you are buying the cases in bulk, the better discount the seller can afford to give you.

Choosing what you are going to put on your template is important and needs careful consideration. Obviously, the more complex the template, the more it will cost as you are generally charged on a per letter basis. If you have a company logo or a slogan, you may already have a template, usable for business card holders, but you would need to speak to your printer to find out if it was a feasible option.

Always ensure that you have final approval on the template and any sample before the final printing or embossing of perhaps hundreds of items starts. It is always a good idea for two or three people to inspect the template or samples to ensure you do not miss noticing any errors. Pay particular attention to the spelling of any wording, as mistakes can very be costly. Especially, if you decide to distribute the cardholders with the wrong spelling or other mistake, it then becomes a negative advert for your company.

Cardholders are a practical item, but also have to be durable and stylish in appearance if you want your clients to use them. Leather is a popular choice for a good quality cardholder. There are a range of metals and other materials that can be equally attractive and cost effective. Holders with silver and gold plating are more expensive. Occasionally find a calculator or a calendar included in the holder. If a company happens to make or sell calculators or calendars, it is too good an opportunity to miss the chance for promoting their own products. You just need a bit of creativity and imagination to decide how to use the holder to promote your company.

Promotional items are popular and come in all shapes, sizes and types. Unless you come up with an item, that stands apart from all the usual pens, mugs, and notepads it is unlikely to make a lasting impression. The promotional business card holders have a practical use and are less likely to end up in a drawer, or worse still in the bucket.