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Promotional Mugs, Tumblers, Koozies, Sports Bottles

Coffee Mugs
Coffee Mugs

Check out popular premium promotional gifts above or browse personalized gifts. Most of them can have custom logo engraving. Note the item number and contact us for a quote. No minimums or setup charges for the above products.

Promotional Sport Bottles in many shapes, sizes and color options
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Promotional Acrilyc and Metal Tumblers in many shapes, sizes and color options
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KOOZIE® Can & Bottle Koolers in many shapes, sizes and color options
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Engraved Monogrammed Double Old-fashioned Glasses

Do you know why companies spend chunks of money on marketing and promotions? It is because they want the exposure. They want the CEO in the skyscraper and the average Joe on the street to know what they do. Advertising and promotions is not an easy task. It is a task made more challenging because there is a lot of competition. This has made it crucial for companies to find more clever ways to jostle for market share and impinge their brands in the consciousness of the customer.

Most companies hold dinners and events for networking purposes to open their doors to the teeming public. At these events, there is always something to eat and something to drink. You can subtly send out marketing messages by engraving the glasses that you use at the event. Some of these events might opt for old-fashioned glasses. It does not really matter. It is possible for you to send out the right message on a shoestring budget.

Old-fashioned glasses, made from crystal or glass, are easy to inscribe with a personalized message upon it. Old-fashioned glasses are the norm at corporate or executive gatherings with classy, wealthy and influential people in attendance. They are the perfect match when it comes to designing in a chic or stylish way. Therefore, whether it is your company logo, pay-offline or slogan, you can always get your point across without restraints.

These special glasses work for you around the clock if you want to advertise your business. People will see them continually as long as there is something to drink whether it is beer, martini, champagne or whiskey. It pays to think outside the box and do things differently. When you do this you stand out and are easily noticed. You can even give out these personalized old fashioned glasses as gifts to hardworking employees and consistent clients, when they display them in their offices or homes; you never know what good that will do you in future.

Promotional Ceramic Mugs: Use Them for Marketing Your Business

It is not a bad idea if you choose a ceramic mug for your promotional campaigns. It does not matter what type of work people are accustomed to in their everyday lives. They will always take a break and drink a cup of tea, cocoa or coffee. If you want to build awareness for your company or brand name, you can do just that by using ceramic mugs for your marketing objectives.

Firstly, they are inexpensive and do not cost you an arm and a leg. Secondly, they are catchy because they come in attractive shapes and sizes. Thirdly, they can be maximally utilized because they can be given away at almost any type of event including seminars, conferences, trade shows and parties. Anywhere you go, you will definitely find someone sipping something from a mug.

In addition, ceramic mugs are durable. They can last longer than mugs made from glass. What this means is that your company logo or brand remains intact for the long term. If you have not considered marketing mugs just yet, you should because these special mugs do a lot to enhance a company’s image.

If you are relying too much on more traditional forms of advertising like radio jingles or television ads, you might be spending too much and getting little back on your investment. Personalized ceramic mugs give you an opportunity to promote your business without exploding your advertising spend and you will definitely have results to show.

A promotional mug can be used repeatedly. What this means is that 100’s of people will see your company continually. That is a huge amount of people considering how much you spend on a single mug! Imagine spending over $5,000 on a TV commercial and $500 on an ad in the dailies. Does it command staying power like a personalized mug? Promotional products can last for years and this is the reason why you should factor them into your marketing plan if you want to see an increase in brand awareness and sales.