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Wedding Unity and Memorial Candles

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Personalized Wedding Unity Candles-Deluxe
Personalized Wedding Unity Candles-Deluxe
Wedding Ceremony Unity Candles - Individual
Wedding Ceremony Unity Candles - Individual
Unity Candle Stand and Tapers
Unity Candle Stand and Tapers
Taper Candle and  Stand
Taper Candle and Stand
Unity Candle Stands
Unity Candle Stands
Wedding Memorial Candle Set
Wedding Memorial Candle Set
Wedding Memorial Candle - Without Stand
Wedding Memorial Candle - Without Stand
Wedding Memorial Bud Vases
Wedding Memorial Bud Vases
Personalized Wedding Unity Candles-Premier
Personalized Wedding Unity Candles-Premier
Personalized Sand Unity Vase Set
Personalized Sand Unity Vase Set

Finding Personalized Wedding Unity Candles Online

One of the most beautiful parts of a wedding ceremony is the joining of two people into one. Usually doing this part of the ceremony, each person uses a candle to light a center one as a symbolic gesture, two flames becoming one. Getting personalized wedding unity candles offers the couple a reminder of their commitment that will be cherished for many years.

There are several options for the ceremonial props. Most of them come in sets with two tapers and one center candle. They can also be customized to reflect the monogram of the newly united couple or include their names and the date of their marriage. Also, there are varieties that can be used for second marriages or commemorate the blending of families.

These sets can be found in many places, including online. Doing an Internet search will produce several sites that specialize in favors and items, including these products. Using the Internet to shop for these accessories can save the purchaser time and money over going from store to store.

Since the candle can be found in a great variety of sizes and design options, going online can give the buyer several ideas for this popular item. They will be able to carefully review their options online. Also, it give them access to more options than they may be able to find locally.

Going online also allows the couple to shop without the pressure of a salesperson looking over their shoulder. They can look at each option and decide what works best for them. They can also see what design options and get it made to their specifications.

Whether bought locally or online, personalized wedding unity candles can add a special touch to a ceremony. It gives the couple a beautiful reminder of their marriage. The candle for weddings can be proudly displayed for years to come.

Wedding Ceremony Unity Candles To Commemorate The Happy Day

Weddings have long been steeped in traditions. Rings, cake, ribbons, colors, and much more have all played a part in blessing the union of loving couples. Wedding ceremony unity candles offer another blessing and token of this happy event.

The burning candle is interpreted in a number of different ways. Purity and strength of the love that is felt between the two individuals are common representations. It has also been said to be the symbol of the all consuming love of the couple.

Whatever the interpretation that is placed with it, a candle lighting ceremony is a beautiful way to reinforce the bond that is being created on this special occasion. There are a number of different designs that have been developed to meet the desires of the couple being wed. These range from a simple style that is used for just one day, or larger, more intricate designs which are used to celebrate anniversaries as well.

Many people select to have a moment inserted during their planned events to light the item together. This is often accompanied with endearments or promises to one another. The candle is then left to burn during the festivities. These candles often have the names of whoever's being wed with the date.

Another design used to celebrate the big day as well as following anniversaries. These have the names and wedding day on them, but are also made much larger to add anniversary years as well. The candle is burned with each celebration to the right spot before being put out.

Wedding ceremony unity candles are a popular addition to these happy occasions. It is another way to show the bond between the two individuals on their special day. Some people say that it produces yet another binding method between the loving couple to produce a long and loving relationship.