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Wedding Candles

Unity and Memorial Candles
Unity and Memorial Candles

Personalized Wedding Unity Candles

We have personalized wedding candles that make thoughtful bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts and wedding favors for guests. Our wedding unity candles can be used as cherished heirlooms that you can pass down through future generations. Choose from over one dozen designs for your candle and we will personalize it with a name and date of your choice. These candles are then polished for a striking wedding gift that lasts for a lifetime. Use personalized wedding candles as an affordable method of honoring anniversaries or other celebrations as well. We also have wedding candle stands available, helping to create a very pleasant display.

Our personalized wedding unity candles are memorable gifts for an engaged couple, parents of the groom, the bride's parents or special wedding guests. We can turn each candle into a wonderful keepsake using the design or layout that you choose. This includes a personalization with important names and dates on the wedding candle, which is then hand polished for ceremonial use or future display purposes. These wedding candles are also affordable gifts that help a couple savor their most precious moments during wedding ceremonies or anniversary celebrations.

Personalized Wedding Memorial Candles and Vases

Many couples wish to honor the memories of family members who have loved them and significantly added to their lives. Now the memory of these people can be brought into the wedding day through engraved candles and vases.

Many Designs Of Wedding Unity Candles Holders

There are several different shapes, sizes and colors for wedding unity candles holders. Couples will choose which ones that they like. They will be able to pick out the right one for their ceremony. Not every couple will have unity candles for their special day.

Some of these can be plain and white. Colored ones could also be used. It is a matter of what a person wants it to be like. Religion will also play a part in the decisions. Some religions read that these should be a certain color and have certain words. White is a common color for these.

Sometimes, a candle can have writing on it. It may have generic phrases that could work for any couple. Another option is that these could be personalized. Personalization may include the names, dates and possibly a quote or something else. The sizes of them are going to vary greatly as well. Some will be very tall.

The holder for them can also be personalized. Many times, these are going to have a gold or silver color that will be a nice accent to it. This is mostly for show. It looks pretty so people like it. This is most likely going to last longer than the candle does as long as it does not get damaged.

The heat can affect the candle. If someone burns these every year on their anniversary, it could burn up eventually. This is why they will get the holder personalized as well. It is a choice that will be made by the couple who is getting married though.

Wedding unity candles holders can have a lot of different designs to them. They are also sold in many department stores. Stores and companies that specialize is products for weddings will also have this type of product. Sometimes they are personalized but not always.