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Wedding Disaster Averted: Personalized Cylindrical Glass Vases

Wedding Disaster Averted: Personalized Cylindrical Glass Vases

The wedding bells are ringing. You planned for this day all of your life, and you feel things are moving smoothly. But one week before your wedding you realize that you still need to find gifts for the wedding party. Not just anything will do, of course. It needs to be special. But most of the wedding money is already spent. When this problem is staring you in the face, keep your head. Just remember personalized cylindrical glass vases.

These little gifts bring with the all of the great things you look for in a gift. First, and perhaps most important at this stage, they do not cost a ton of money. You can find nice looking but inexpensive little vases at a nearby flower shop for next to nothing. Or try the engraving place at the mall. Or if you have a little extra time, try looking on the internet. Many places will take your order and information for engraving and then ship them to you for free. Just make certain everything is spelled correctly when they arrive.

Even though they are relatively cheap, they look great. They really make a table look snazzy. If you choose to give them to your party during the rehearsal dinner, as is the custom, you can dress up the table with them.

The great thing about vases is you can personalize them in more than one way. Once you have them engraved with the person's initials or even their full name, you can also add your name and the date. But you do not have to stop there.

You also get to decide what goes into the vase. Flowers are an obvious and appropriate choice. If a certain type of flower is special to you and your friend, decision made. But you can put pretty much anything into a vase. A fun option is some kind of alcohol. Or you might want to dress it up with colored sands or pebbles. Whatever makes sense for their personality.

Your wedding party is made up of some of your best friends in the world. You want something that tells them what they mean to you. But you can only afford to buy a dozen of something that does not cost an arm and a leg. When this conundrum is staring you down, keep your cool. The ace up your sleeve is personalized cylindrical glass vases.

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