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A Very Unique Gift: Personalized Cylindrical Glass Vases

A Very Unique Gift: Personalized Cylindrical Glass Vases

So your wedding is coming faster than you anticipated. You pretty much have everything under control, but you are stymied about what to buy for your wedding party. You used up almost all of your wedding budget already so it needs to be inexpensive. But you want something elegant. And, above all, it needs to be personal. The time has come to think seriously about personalized cylindrical glass vases.

With these small decorative items, you get the best of all worlds. They are very inexpensive. You can buy some for very little at your local flower shop or engraving store. Or if you have a little bit of time, you can save a bundle by purchasing them online. The only concern is, if they arrive and something is misspelled, you have precious little time to correct them.

They are very elegant looking. They dress up the table if you decide to give them at the wedding dinner, as is the custom. They look like something you put a great deal of thought into.

And with these particular items, you can personalize them more than once. You can, of course, add the person's initials. Or their full name. You can put your name and the wedding date on them.

But once you have done that, as you can do with any engraved item, you can take it a step further. You can put flowers in them that match the personality of the recipient. Or if you are gifting the male members of your party, you can put something creative in them, like alcohol, colored sand, or whatever reflects your relationship with that person.

When the time comes to show how much your wedding party means to you, not just any gift will do. But buying eight or ten or even twelve of something can be cost prohibitive. When you are faced with this decision, keep in mind personalized cylindrical glass vases. They are not just beautiful, but useful too!

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