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Show Your Appreciation With Personalized Wedding Candles Favors

Show Your Appreciation With Personalized Wedding Candles Favors

Personalized wedding candles favors are a great gift to give to your guests as a token of you appreciation. While these trinkets are not edible, adding a creative touch can turn these gifts into amazing mementos that they can take with them when the festivities are over. Whether you decide to buy or hand-make, it is important to create something that people will definitely keep once the celebrations are over.

Preparing party favors will really have to depend on how well you know your audience. If the ceremony has a more cultural or religious significance, you may want to create candles or candle holders in images that represent those aspects. You could also try to create matching matchboxes if candle lighting will be part of the ceremony.

You may want to try to use candle tins and turn them into little gift boxes. If you have the ribbons printed right on the gift box, people may be more likely to take those little tins home with them. The modern gift wrapped design can be created in colors that compliment the party's scene.

With the tin boxes, you can have a special message printed onto them along with important names and the date of the ceremony. Each candle can also be scented in a personal fragrance that corresponds with the celebration's atmosphere. If the tins are fit for travel, you may want to choose lavender as a scent for its calming benefits.

If you place your gift candles in little organza bags, your guests will be more likely to take their gifts home. Each candle can be closely wrapped in a sheer bag and tied with a satin ribbon. You may decide to have a bag of a decent size that can accommodate a candle and other little gifts.

Personalized wedding candles favors can be extraordinary gifts if you keep the general personality of your audience in mind. You want to ensure that your guests leave with your gift. The best way to ensure they do is to create something different and memorable.

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