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Wedding Champagne Flutes

Wedding Champagne Flutes Add A Touch Of Elegance

Wedding Champagne and Toasting FlutesSpecially shaped glasses were invented only after sparkling wines were introduced. While wide-lipped glasses are still commonly seen stacked in towers or used to create bubbly fountains at receptions, the tall, slender sophistication of wedding champagne flutes have become the celebratory wine glass of choice for many occasions.

These elegant vessels did not arrive on the scene until nearly one hundred years after monks discovered a practical way to create bubbles in the wine. Traditional wide-rimmed cups were said to shorten the duration of the tingling effervescence, causing the signature aroma of this variety of wine to escape into the air at a faster rate.

The stemware is long and narrow, like its musical namesake. The shape naturally concentrates the fizz and tingle at the glass top, rather than dispersing it. The carbon dioxide naturally gathers at the mouth of the glass, and allows for a more sensual, pleasurable experience when drinking a specially produced vintage.

One common issue surrounding this type of glass is its fragility. Long stemware made of glass or crystal tends to break more easily than standard shapes, and may not actually be practical or suitable for occasions where there are hundreds of guests attending. Some are bound to be broken, and can be expensive to replace.

While wine purists may recoil in horror at the thought, imitation glassware made from plastic have proven to be exceedingly popular at many functions. While the plastic does little to really showcase the wine being poured, it is much less expensive, may be discarded afterwards, and cannot cut anyone when it cracks or breaks.

Some experts still recommend using wide-rimmed glasses for optimal wine tasting, but wedding champagne flutes remain consistently popular. They are often used during congratulatory toasts, and specially personalized glassware is symbolic of the close ties that link the couple, family, and the guests attending the ceremony and reception.

The Many Types Of Wedding Toasting Flutes

Wedding toasting flutes are the special glasses used to hold champagne during a toast, specifically at a wedding ceremony. There a variety of styles available. Many of which can be customized with engravings of the newlywed couple names or other special notes. After the big day, they may be saved as part of keepsakes or kept in the family, as an heirloom of sorts.

There are several options to choose from when deciding on what type of flute. Some may include special designs on or around the stem of the glass. Others may have special designs or text engraved in them. They might be plated in silver or crystal.

Personalized flutes are special, but may cost considerably more than others because of extra features. Therefore, many choose to give the personalized glasses to the wedding court or the newlyweds only. Other guests would then use traditional champagne glasses. The usual set up involves the pair making their first toast as a married couple using these glasses; however, this is the choice of those involved.

Many well-known brands have their own specially designed glasses. Some examples: Vera Wang, Swarovski, Lenox, Kate Spade New York and others. These designer versions may be more expensive than glasses purchased through other retailers because of their high quality. Still, beautiful glasses can be purchased from and customized by numerous online and in-store retailers.

Often this glassware is sold as a pair for a mister and his miss. However, some retailers sell them in bulk. In either case, prices will vary based on the design, material, customization and the retailer. Remember, many couples opt to keep the glasses after the ceremony for memories or to stay within the family as a special keepsake.

Wedding toasting flutes are the glasses used to hold champagne during the toast session at weddings. Traditionally, these glasses are reserved for the married couple, but may also be used by the court or other guests. There are many ways to personalize these glasses. Often, they remain family keepsakes.