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Popular Groomsmen Gifts

Popular Groomsmen Gifts

It is a standard practice that we give a small gift to wedding party members to communicate our thanks. When buying for your groomsmen this can be a daunting task. What are the most popular groomsmen gifts? Do you go with a practical gift or a sentimental one? Something for the shelf or something he can use? How much should you spend? The truth is, none of these questions should be your main focus. Instead you should remind yourself of the obvious. You chose these groomsmen because you know them well. So the real question is: knowing their tastes and personalities, what would they like?

There isn’t a whole lot of tradition or rigidity where groomsmen gifts are concerned. The most popular groomsmen gifts are standard masculine trinkets like cuff links and shot glasses. If you’re going to go this route, the key is to try and personalize your gift. If you’re having something engraved or monogrammed consider using an old nickname or quoting an inside joke, rather than being completely practical. It’s little things like this that remind your groomsmen how far back you two go, and that your friendship means a lot to you.

The most important part of this whole gesture is communicating your appreciation that your groomsmen shared your special day. Make sure that your heartfelt gratitude is expressed, whether vocally, or by pairing your gift with a card or a note. It’s your thanks that your groomsmen will appreciate and respond to.

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