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Imprinted Coffee Mugs for Bridesmaids

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Printed Coffee Mugs
Printed Coffee Mugs
Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts - Tempered Glass Coffee Mugs
Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts - Tempered Glass Coffee Mugs
Personalized Polka Dots Coffee Mugs-Bridesmaid Gifts
Personalized Polka Dots Coffee Mugs-Bridesmaid Gifts

Make An Impression With Imprinted Coffee Mugs

Imprinted coffee mugs are now readily available and make unique bridesmaid gifts. There are many options to consider when personalizing a coffee mug as a gift. Firstly there is a choice of size. Sizes usually start at 11 ounce capacity but larger sizes are also available. You can choose from a standard type or opt for travel or commuter mugs.

Coffee mugs are universally popular and can be used for any hot beverage. Most are safe to be put in the dishwasher. They can also be heated in the microwave without coming to harm. The items are generally made of good quality china and the imprint is permanent.

A single imprint is one option. You may choose a grandparent's pet or a snapshot of a perfect rose for a single image. Another option is a tiled pattern round the mug using a single picture. Then there is the magical edition which is black until a hot beverage is poured into it, at which point the photo appears in a pattern on the outside.

If you are having trouble choosing one photo, an arrangement of 8 to 15 photos in a collage allows you to use all your best shots. You might choose random favorites or a special theme. A masculine theme of racing cars or golf shots would suit a male member of your circle. Text can also be added above or below the photo.

Further customization is possible with backgrounds. A choice of color and sometimes of pattern is available. By researching a few websites before choosing, you can select something that is exactly what you want. Avoid having so many colors that the image becomes hard to distinguish.

These make special gifts for Mother's or Father's Day, or birthdays. They are ideal as stocking fillers too. Other occasions such as anniversaries and Valentine's Day are two special events which could be marked by a gift of this nature. Imprinted coffee mugs can be filled with other items to enhance their charm as a small gift. The recipient will be impressed that you took the trouble to create something unique just for them.