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Personalized Marble Wine Bottle Chillers

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Pisa Personalized Wine Chiller
Pisa Personalized Wine Chiller
Buying Personalized Marble Wine Chillers
Buying Personalized Marble Wine Chillers

Personalized Marble Wine Chillers Make For Good Gifts

Marble is a material that has many wonderful qualities. Apart from being beautiful to look at, it also has the ability to retain heat, or as in this case, cold for hours and hours at a time. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for personalized marble wine chillers.

Beverage coolers are very common in restaurants, and are normally stainless steel. However, in the common household they are not an everyday object, making them an ideal present for the person that seemingly has it all. When faced with the dilemma of what to buy this difficult relative or friend, a wine chiller might be just the thing.

These items is available in many colors, so it is easy to co-ordinate with other interiors or the color scheme of a party. You have a choice of white, green, grey, red and black, to name a few. This versatile stone has a timeless, classical look that is always popular and never goes out of style.

If you really want to give a special gift, there is the possibility of having something funny, personal or romantic engraved into the surface. The option of having a picture or logo is also available, and makes for a wonderful joint gift, especially for a newlywed couple or as an anniversary gift.

It is advised that these coolers are put into a freezer for up to an hour before your guests arrive. They are known to keep your drinks cool for an entire evening. Due to their stylish look, these coolers also make a wonderful center piece for any table, and are a must have for the entertainer.

So next time you need to buy a gift for someone, and you have already exhausted the sock and tie option, have a look at this great idea. These personalized marble wine chillers are made even more special by adding a picture or a logo, there's no way you can go wrong. With this gift there is no doubt that the recipient will always remember the special occasion.

Buying Great Single Wine Bottle Chillers

One of the best things about single wine bottle chillers is that they come in so many different styles. Manufacturers have worked to present different colors and configurations in order to please wine consumers and they certainly have succeeded. Whether you want to find an elegant glass chiller, or you simply need something durable for your patio or pool party, it is available.

If your first choice happens to be looking for the elegant version, consider glass containers that display the bottle and its all important label. Or look at those made out of marble, which portray a look of luxury. Should a more contemporary look appeal to your taste, then a sleek stainless steel or brushed silver might suit your needs.

There are some great, simple products that are made from plastics. These work very well when the wine needs chilling, but the environment is slightly hostile. Think about the chaos normally accompanying a pool party, and the scenario becomes clear very quickly.

Because new technology has allowed for units that do this work using electricity, there are plenty of sleek ones that look like most kitchen appliances. Each of these offers different specifications. Some allow the bottles to be placed on their sides for maximum cooling, while others require standing them upright in a kind of display chamber.

A new innovation that may appeal to those who take their libations on the road, are appliances that work off a 12 volt car adapter. These come with the right length of cord to make the roadway an easy place to chill. Most can accomplish this feat in about thirty minutes or less. By the time you arrive at the gathering, the vino will be ready. These are highly adaptable to picnics and tailgate events, too. Many of these versatile coolers work on boats as well.

Because great single wine bottle chillers are on the market for just about any need, it may be surprising to learn how well they work. Providing just the right temperatures for most whites and champagnes, these gadgets probably are a must for most who love the fruit of the vine. With price points ranging through most budgets, most anyone can have one, too.