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Stemless Wine Glasses

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Classy Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glasses

Every well-stocked bar will have an array of drinking vessels designed to enhance the flavor and showcase the aroma of the beverage of choice. These vessels can be more than just a pleasure to drink from, they can be beautiful to look at and multifunctional. Goblets, champagne flutes and fete saucers are all classic wine chalices, but monogrammed stemless wine glasses are a modern twist to a traditional favorite.

As glassware goes, these stemless beauties are innovative and functional in many ways. They reduce the chances of injury because there is no thin stem that could be broken or cracked. Because they sit on a flat bottom, they do not tip over so they also eliminate many would-be spills and messes.

The versatility of this type of glassware is boundless. Personalizing is the first step in creating unique and creative keepsakes that are bound to become treasured conversation pieces. Personalization can come in the form of monograms, logos, special text or personal designs all done in screen printed colors or in etching.

Giving a glass as a gift is a sweet idea, but if a bigger and longer lasting impact is desired, the gift can be presented in any number of imaginative ways. Dressing the gift with something special inside of it adds interest and allure. The simple yet classic design of these beverage vessels, enhanced by the personal touch, makes them memorable.

Using them as party favors is a great way to give a special gift to everyone who attends. They can be used to serve more than just drinks because they make amazing containers for special desserts or sweet treats. Filling them with sand art, flowers or candles will create beautiful table pieces that will have people talking even after the festivities.

Available in several different sizes, monogrammed stemless wine glasses are perfect for many different occasions. No need to be dull and boring when there are such attractive and versatile options available. Whether being used to actually serve drinks or as gifts and favors, this is glassware that is sure to please.