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Monogrammed Wine Stoppers

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Wine Accessory Valet Gifts
Personalized Wine Bottle Stoppers
Personalized Wine Bottle Stoppers
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Personalized Wine Accessory Gift Sets
Optic Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper
Optic Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper

Monogrammed Wine Stoppers Make Sensible Gifts

Going to a housewarming party or a special occasion might require bringing the right gift. If there are adults involved, a bottle of wine makes the perfect toast to a get together. However, how the bottle is stored both before and after being opened can affect how long it lasts and how good it tastes, so bring along some monogrammed wine stoppers for good measure.

A good vintage can keep if it isn't opened. It can last a very long time. Many wines are bragged about by collectors and restaurants because they are so very old or vintage. The older it gets, the better it tastes.

Wines prefer dark spaces. Even fluorescent fixtures can cause the contents of a bottle to change in a negative fashion. Make sure that the bottles are placed label up so that any sediments can be noted when the bottle is picked up. Keep the bottles in a place that's quiet and free of movement because vibrations can make this lavish drink taste bad.

Traditionally bottles were stopped with cork. Sometimes foil or wax was wrapped around the cork to make it last longer. Eventually, even corks dry out, so a different type of stopper is much more ideal. Modern ones can be monogrammed, which is great if someone is a connoisseur who makes their own for personal use.

A stopper is also great for when the bottle has been opened. How the drink is stored afterwards is very critical to how long it can last. White variations last longer if they are kept in cool dark storage. A refrigerator will suffice. Reds don't mind moderate room temperatures, as long as they are stoppered immediately.

Monogrammed wine stoppers can be the perfect addition to an already ideal gift. Parties such as housewarmings or engagements often require people to bring some sort of gift for the host. This drink is excellent for this, as is the perfect accessory to make it last even longer.