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Personalized Red and White Wine Glasses, Engraved Crystal Wine Glasses

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        White Wine Glasses                     Red Wine Glasses

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The Remarkable Fascinating Happiness Of Engraved Wine Glasses
The Remarkable Fascinating Happiness Of Engraved Wine Glasses

Engraved Wine Glasses, Etched Wine Glasses, Monogrammed Wine Glasses
make Personalized Wine Glasses and Unique Wine Glasses

Appreciate the power of the palate coupled with our personalized wine glasses made to fulfill your gift giving needs. We carry a unique selection of red wine glasses, white wine glasses and more flexible wine stemware suitable for parties or an evening of pure relaxation. Order engraved wine glasses as personalized gifts or a personal treat for yourself using monograms, names or text.

Choose from our special occasion full lead crystal wine glassware for display purposes or our classic etched wine glasses to enjoy products from a favorite vineyard. You can learn more about our personaled styles and additional information by reading more on the engraving personalized gifts.

Crystal Wine Glasses

So, you have crystal wine glasses prettily perched on the shelf in your display case in your dining room. They look great, but, when do you dare take them down and actually use them? These glasses should be saved and used for special occasions. They add to the ambiance of the wine drinking. Look for the crystal wine glasses with the crystal emblem.  

Red wine glasses are usually a little taller and wider so the complexities of the wine can be better appreciated. You'll want at least two styles.

The Bordeaux glass is designed for the rich, full bodied red wines such as Cabernets and Merlots. The wide bowl allows the wine to breathe and brings out the rich aromas. Because the glass is tall, the wine proceeds directly to the back of the mouth allowing for maximum flavor.

The Burgundy glass is used for other full bodied wines such as a Pinot Noir. Larger than the Bordeaux glass, the large bowl of the Burgundy glass allows the wine to dispense to the tip of the tongue where it's easier to taste the sweetness of the wine.

White wine glasses are smaller to help keep the wine cool.

For less mature wines you will need a glass with an opening that's slightly larger than the body of the glass itself. This will allow the wine to dispense at the tip and sides of the tongue to better enjoy the wine's sweetness.

For more mature white wines use a taller, straighter glass that will allow the wine to dispense to the rear and sides of the tongue to better taste the bolder flavor.

Red or White wine glasses

Wine glasses follow the same tulip-shaped design and have three essential components: the base, which keeps the glass upright, the stem which allows one to hold the glass without transferring one's body heat to the wine, and a body conducive to maximizing the flavor and aroma.

It is recommended that wine glasses be composed of crystal or other similar thin glass because thick glass is thought to influence the taste of wine.