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Ideas For Cute Luggage Tags

Ideas For Cute Luggage Tags

There is nothing as irritating as checking out of an airport and realizing that a large portion of your baggage is missing. Of course you will relax for the first few minutes, but things will change as the smoke of illusion starts to drift away from before your gaze. Minutes after that you could be rushing through packed hallways as if your pants are on fire, though innocently worried about your luggage. If this is a scary sight to behold then you had better think about having a few cute luggage tags on your luggage before traveling.

You can get unique luggage tags that come in a lot of designs, shapes and colors. Such a variety makes them so attractive as they offer so much choice when it comes to satisfying even the conservative traveler. If you decide on making use of genuine fabric for your design be sure to try out jean and cotton material. These materials might be dull but with a few fine touches you could have a tag so adorable even your 2 year old baby would offer to carry your 19kg suitcase.

Walt Disney has a fun array of cartoon characters to choose from. You can have a Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear, and Tom and Jerry, whatever your taste adores. But this is not all. In addition to these designs you should even place real life key holders together with the tag.

Flowery designs are also available for the fond lovers of nature, plus magazine super heroes for super hero fanatics. Believe me, whatever design you can imagine can be attached onto your bag for easy identification. But when using any particular tag be sure to have bright colors. Bright colors are easier to recognize when your luggage is lost in other heaps of bags.

One last thing: do not forget to have contact information on the tags. Write down your telephone numbers and residential addresses so that you can be contacted once your bags have been retrieved.

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