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Glass Serving Bowls and Salad Serving Bowls

Glass Serving Bowls and Salad Serving Bowls

There are any numbers of them available when you need a glass serving bowl. There are some that are especially made for serving salad with cute frilly lettuce pieces painted in, or you can have a clear glass serving bowl that sits flat on the counter. However, you can also have a footed glass serving bowl that is especially made for serving layered deserts such as English trifle! Talk about elegant!

For a fancier glass serving bowl, there are many clear glass bowls which are fluted, and that makes one very nice presentation at your table. You may also find a clear glass serving bowl that is made of what appears to be meticulously cracked glass, which is imported from Italy.

One glass serving bowl that sounds absolutely gorgeous is a very special handcrafted bowl that has bright little floral designs in red, orange, green, and white on it! Should you find it, it’s positively charming!

Then there is a salad serving bowl that is not only hand painted but it is also hand etched as well with a pattern of leaves and berries. Superb piece.

For the truly special salad serving bowl, consider getting one in white milk glass, perhaps with delightful scalloped edges. It’s easy to fall in love with milk glass because when you hold it up to the light, it transforms into pure opalescence.

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