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Floating Glass Picture Frames

Floating Glass Picture Frames the Modern Bordering Method

Creating illusions that are eye catching is what making a decor statement is about. Paintings, pictures or interesting objects can all be framed in a floating glass picture frames and shown off at their absolute best. These new innovative frames allow for an almost magical illusion which will always prove to be a talking point when people first see it.  Items are either displayed flat between two sheets of framed clear glass or slightly raised in a framed glassed box. Both these methods make the item appear to be hanging in the air within the framed area. They have an added benefit of protecting the painting and keeping it dust and insect stain free.

Design artists work on these handcrafted items to ensure the finished articles are well made and stylishly finished. The most popular framing choices are black or silver metal borders. When choosing a border a person should buy something that is considerably larger than the picture it will hold. A more dramatic effect can be created with larger clear glass spacing around the photo or painting.  The smaller sized edgings make ideal wedding or party favor gifts. For grandparents a photograph of their grandchildren in such a striking border makes for a treasured present. There are many ways in which they can be used as promotional corporate gifts as well.

 Nowadays suppliers selling online are offering a wide selection of borders in various shapes and sizes. They offer quick ordering methods and delivery to designated addresses. Their goods are made from good quality materials and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. This type of framing is especially ideal for panoramic shots which are often difficult to display at their best. For those people unfamiliar with the floating glass picture frames a browse online may be helpful. There is a wealth of information on these to be found on various websites.

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