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Amazon Leather Kindle Covers and Cases

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Go With The Original Amazon Kindle Leather Cases For Durable E-Reader Covers

Kindle e-readers are well loved because they let users carry thousands of reading material with them wherever they go. As these e-readers became popular so did the sales of covers increase. Users want to protect their e-reader from getting wet, being exposed to dust and getting scratched, which is why many are buying Amazon Kindle leather cases.

After investing on your e-reader, the next step is to find the right cover that is durable. It has to be light, yet stylish. You should not have a hard time accessing the ports and buttons of the device.

Original Kindle covers weight about 13.4 oz and they are really within anyone's budget. There are, of course, other copycats in the market, but people who really value their e-readers still settle for the original cases. These covers can be seen in various colors such as brown, black, purple and green. There are more bright colors coming up that are designed for the gregarious young owners of e-readers.

After the Kindle 3 was released, Amazon also put out in the market the lighted leather case, which anyone can order from their website. If you look on the design closely, you would see no other difference from the original cover, except for the LED light for reading that comes attached to the case. Whenever there is not enough light to do your reading, simply switch on this light and you'll find how convenient it is to use your e-reader.

So, it's your choice. You could choose the original leather case or go for the new LED lighted one. Choose the one that you prefer, as long as it comes with the trusted name of Amazon. These covers give excellent protection from scratches because of the microfiber fabric inside it.

These Amazon Kindle leather covers are so important if you want to keep your device working for a long time. Buying a cheap copycat may mean less money for you, but those manufactured by other companies usually do not give the same durability as the originals. You get to choose the color you want your covers in, something that matches your personality. What's best about these covers, of course is that you only need to place your order online and just wait for your cover to be delivered to your doorstep!