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Personalized Marble Paperweights

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Red Marble Apple Paperweight
Red Marble Apple Paperweight

Personalized Marble Paperweights Make A Statement

For people who like the classical look and feel of it, what better statement piece than personalized marble paperweights. It is a sturdy material and because of its heaviness, it is ideal as a paperweight. Selecting a paperweight will add a touch of class and elegance to your desk top or office.

These paperweights can be personalized by cutting them into various shapes and sizes and they come in a wide selection of colors and grains to fit your taste. Perhaps you prefer a classic sphere. Well, a company name or logo can be engraved into the piece to make it personal and to make it stand out. This stone has been used for centuries for building and has withstood the test of time. It is a symbol of power and longevity.

Basic shapes are not the only thing that can be made for your paperweight. Figures, animals, symbols of any shape or size can be made. Matching your design with the right texture and color of stone will actually help accentuate its design. Marble paperweights stand out on a desk, and personalizing them only makes a stronger statement.

The elegance of this stone along with its cool feel can make the owner of the piece relaxed. Running a hand over the smooth cool surface can ease tension and help focus. A personalized paperweight would make a great gift for any professional who spends their day in an office behind a desk. They even make great gifts for the home office. They are beautiful to look at and hard to destroy.

They also make a great gift for dad or a college graduate who is corporate bound. Of all the pieces on a persons desk, this paperweight will be engraved in peoples minds. Yes, marble has that sort of power over people. It is a status piece, a conversation piece and honestly, nothing works better as a paperweight. Because it is heavy and durable, it is a piece that will last decades.

Available in nearly any customized shape, color or size, a marble paperweight not only makes a great gift, but it makes a statement. Logos and shapes help customize the piece and because much of the cutting technology today uses lasers, the pieces are intricate and exact.