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Personalized Glass Paperweights Make Excellent Gifts

Personalized Glass Paperweights Make Excellent Gifts

History records that paperweights have been around since the 15th century and were originally produced in Venice. The French saw an opportunity and opened three factories around 1845. They chose the cities of Baccarat, Clichy and St Louis, which subsequently became famous for producing unique and quality glassware. Personalized glass paperweights have become popular as personal and corporate gifts.

The increasing demand and popularity of glassware saw several manufacturers become the acknowledged experts because of the quality and beauty of their work. Their individual pieces are much sought after in. Many collectors are prepared to pay sometimes above the odds, for the privilege of adding a piece to their collection.

Although a personalized paperweight gift is unlikely to cost you anything near the price of a Murano piece, you can expect to pay for quality. Manufacturers generally welcome visitors to their glass works. In addition to learning about the processes involved in making glass pieces, you can browse through their usually extensive displays to get some gift ideas.

Personalized glassware pieces are highly prized gifts and often take on a sentimental value for the recipient. If you are buying for a loved one to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or as a trophy for a competition winner, adding that personal touch makes it unique. Every time the recipient looks at it, they will remember the occasion.

They can be used as an attractive decorative piece, or they can be used for practical purposes in the home or office. Although it will cost more to have your own message or chosen design inserted into the paperweight, it is a gift that will last a life time.

The shape, size and color choices are almost unlimited. Paperweights by their nature are intended to be solid, so that they are fit for their intended purpose. The larger it is, the heavier it is likely to be.

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