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Engraved Crystal Paperweights As Gifts

Engraved Crystal Paperweights As Gifts

Engraved crystal paperweights are as beautiful as they are versatile. Available in many shapes and styles, they are sure to meet any need. There are several ways to customize them and make them completely unique.

The versatility of crystals is boundless. They offer a great alternative to traditional wood plagues or metal trophies. As awards, they are something the recipient will be proud to openly display for years after. They are as appropriate for business awards as they are for sports, education and personal awards.

When given as a gift or a special thank-you, it says that the giver wanted to go above and beyond to find a gift that fully expressed their feelings or gratitude. As a commemorative gift for a special milestone or occasion, the style and engraving is very effective at capturing the magnitude of the event. These items make fabulous and functional promotional items and ensures that the recipient will readily display the gift on their desks which in turn promotes the business brand engraved on it.

Size and shape of the weights are dictated by the customer. Simple forms such as circles, disks, squares, cubes, pentagons, octagons and rectangles provide easy surfaces on which to etch the desired message or logo. For more specialized needs, they can be made in more diverse shapes such as stars, numbers, hearts, gems, sports balls or multifaceted orbs.

To further enhance the appeal of these sparkling beauties, there are a variety of special effects that can be applied. Certain cuts will allow the piece to reflect light like a prism and create bursts of rainbow colors on the walls. Color can be added to the base to add a bit of transparent color deep inside the piece. When color is applied to the surface, it makes the etched message or logo seem to pop out for attention.

More than just a pretty block of rock, engraved crystal paperweights are like little works of art. People are thrilled to receive them and proud to display them. With so many customizable options, they may be designed to fit any need.

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