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Personalized 17 Inch Laptop Cases and Bags

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17 Inch Laptop Cases
17 Inch Laptop Cases
17 Inch Laptop Cases and Bags
17 Inch Laptop Cases and Bags
Laptop Backpacks for 17 inch Laptops
Laptop Backpacks for 17 inch Laptops
17 Laptop Cases and Bags
17 Laptop Cases and Bags

Personalized 17 Inch Laptop Cases and Bags Make Good Gifts

A carrying case for a portable computer makes an excellent gift for a business colleague, friend or family member. Adding the initials of the person to the carryall makes it more personal. People looking for ideal gifts for friends, loved ones and associates might consider personalized 17 inch laptop cases and bags.

The majority of laptops fit securely into containers that accommodate the largest size which is generally seventeen inches. Designs vary by the needs of the person carrying the bag or case. Some people prefer a sleeve into which the computer fits snugly with little room for anything else. Other people prefer a backpack design with space for lots of additional supplies.

Another consideration when choosing a computer container is the way in which it will be used. Individuals who travel by air need storage that leaves their computers easily accessible for security checks. The containers for their laptops also need to protect the devices when they are stored in overhead bins.

The material from which the bag or case is made determines the type of monogram which can be applied to it. Hand stitched monograms can be sewn onto canvas carryalls. Personalized 17 inch laptop bags made from leather generally require stamped or engraved lettering. Items can also be monogrammed using paint or by embossing them.

Consider the personality of the individual when choosing the style of both the bag and the initialing. Younger folks might want colorful backpacks to tote their computers. Professionals generally want totes that can be carried in a variety of situations. Choose more muted carryalls for these individuals.

People on the go always appreciate a gift that makes their journeys easier. Personalized 17 inch laptop cases and bags provide gifts that are both thoughtful and useful. They make excellent presents for almost anyone who has a special occasion coming soon.