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Executive Leather Binders

Personalized Executive Leather Binders Make Ideal Corporate and Private Gifts

Through the ages animal skins have played a large role in the daily lives of mankind. Originally the whole skin was used as blankets and cloaks but with time clothing and shoes were crafted from animal skins. Today it is still one of the most utilized materials for shoes, jackets, coats, handbags and other small items. With the advent of the electronic age and all its gadgets most professionals tend to carry their office with them and personalized executive leather binders have become big business.

Animal skins once tanned and treated are extremely durable and flexible. They have a tendency to improve with usage and age, softening and weathering well. Napa leather which is chrome-tanned, soft and supple is the most commonly used in the manufacturing of personal items such as wallets, toiletry kits and binders. The chrome tanning process allows the leather to be dyed into subtle shades, keep its shape and prevents discoloration.

There are numerous companies selling online that specialize in these goods. The variety offered in their binder selection is extensive. They guarantee their goods and for a small additional charge items can be personalized. For this reason these binders are considered ideal corporate gifts for special clients. The items are used daily and any company can be assured their logo will be continually noticed by the user. The value of this form of silent advertising is immeasurable.

Certain manufacturers are using fine cowhide and embossing with imprints such as crocodile for added effect. They are designed with a securing zipper, retractable handles and a number of smaller pockets for writing pads, pens and business cards. Color ranges include black, brown and red. Items are handcrafted and made according to traditional methods. Attention to detail ensures that each of the personalized executive leather binders is a work of art and an item anyone would be proud to own.