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How To Create Wooden Bar Signs

How To Create Wooden Bar Signs

You must have seen one of these signs either in a catalogue or hang up in a bar somewhere. There are not only restricted to bars, you can find them in a country home or even in your own house. They are quite interesting to look at if made with some creativity. In this article, you will learn how to make these wooden Bar signs so that you will not have to purchase them.

These signs are used widely in decorating. They are especially common in country towns all over America. Some of them are usually fancy, humorous, classic or just plain. It is not expensive to make such a sign. It will cost you about a fraction of what you would have spent buying them.

The first thing you will require to make this product is wood. You can get these from your friends from their leftover plywood scraps. You could also purchase some if they do not have some to spare. You are free to use other types of wood, however plywood is the cheapest and easiest to work with.

You will need to measure and cut the plywood to size depending on the length of the phrase you want to paint on. Once you have trimmed it with a saw, paint it with some acrylic paint, you can also use house paint. The objective here is to make sure that it is flat.

The base paint should be one that contrasts well with the one you will use for the lettering. A good example is a black base with white lettering. You could even use green sage or dark red so that you can give it that country theme.

Once the paint is dry you can begin doing the lettering. It is usually better to do this with a stencil if you are not very confident in your drawing skills. You can find one in a craft store or create one from your computer. For a personal touch, you can add a small image like that of a house or love hearts.

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