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Pilsner Beer Glasses - The What And Why

Pilsner Beer Glasses - The What And Why

A pilsner beer glass is just that - a glass used to serve pilsner beers or other light beers. A pilsner beer glass is characteristically narrower at the bottom and wider at the top. Pilsner beer glasses often times are smaller than other beer glasses, such as a pint.

Pilsner beers originated in the late 1800's in the Czech Republic. It is a light colored beer that sometimes has an almost floral aromatic. But the word pilsner can also refer only to the glass that this light beer is served in.

Pilsner beer glasses are designed specifically for drinking a pilsner beer. The widening out at the top of the glass allows for a controlled but beautiful head. The size, which is usually about 8.4 oz., makes it a great choice for going out with friends or a glass with lunch.

With the popularity of these glasses in restaurants, it only makes sense that many consumers are now purchasing them to use at home. Many consumers personalize their pilsner beer glass by having a family crest engraved or etched onto it, or they celebrate special occasions, like Father's Day, by giving them as gifts with labels like "#1 Dad!" painted onto the side.

One of the greatest revisions to the design of the pilsner glass was when many restaurants started using a 22 oz glass. A thing of beauty, the heavy flat bottomed glass stands tall and proud over the other glasses at the table, allowing everybody to see the wonderful color and carbonation of the beverage it contains.

A pilsner beer glass is not a necessity in order to drink a pilsner or other light beer. However, ask any true beer expert and they will tell you that the shape and proportions of this glass can make or break an enjoyable glass of beer. Whether you find it makes a difference or not, it is definitely a classy way to enjoy a good brew.

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