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Engraved Shot Glasses are Souvenirs

Engraved Shot Glasses are Souvenirs

Souvenirs have long been the booty that goes to the poor soul that is left behind on a vacation. Little shops that line touristic streets are filled with the stuff from tee-shirts with lame sayings to glowing lighters to one of America's favorite, engraved shot glasses.

What could be a better gift for the sap at home than an engraved shot glass. This tasteful little gift is usually engraved with the name of the town or the name of the attraction. The artful grace of the fine script that is so craftily etched on the side makes this souvenir a keeper.

It is always a little bonus to the gift recipient when there are remnants of the booze enjoyed on the vacation wedged and dried in the corner. It is like a slice of time dried on the bottom of your shot glass. It makes the recipient feel like they too were there chugging down shots with the best of them.

Engraved shot glasses are a souvenir that you can't go wrong in purchasing. It's classy, it's timeless, and you don't have to be a drinker to have one. They can sit proudly next to your Precious Moments collection and hold their own on your curio case!"

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