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Personalized Iced Tea Glasses and Glassware

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15 oz Personalized Iced Tea Glassware - Casual Set/2
15 oz Personalized Iced Tea Glassware - Casual Set/2
4 out of 5 Stars!
15 oz Personalized Iced Tea Glassware - Casual Set/4
15 oz Personalized Iced Tea Glassware - Casual Set/4

Personalized Iced Tea Glasses For Everyday Use

Most individuals have a favorite drink that they have everyday. Some like coffee where others might prefer soda's or water. Ice tea is another all time favorite and having personalized iced tea glasses with family and friend's names on them can make folks feel much more welcomed. This also solves the issue of determining which glass belongs to whom.

The cost of these kinds of glassware are very affordable. Major retailer's can help with this kind of service and get it done in a timely manner. In most cases the glassware are purchased from the merchant's shop and sent along to the Engraver's area for servicing.

The internet is also a great resource for these kinds of services as well. Many individuals like the convenience of shopping online and have these kinds of project completed on their on time. The customer no longer has to abide by the merchant's store hours and can place the order at any time of day or night.

The length of time to complete this mission will depend on how many of these glasswares are ordered. What one decides to imprint on these glasses will also affect the timeline as well. Some individuals who are members of a club can have everyone's names engraved and as new members join the club they can have their own special glass as well.

Many corporation's have their company logo's imprinted on these glasses as a form of advertising and also if they have opened up a new account. This can be a great way to keep the name of the business out there and also a great reward to clients that have enlisted in their services. This is a very convenient and affordable way to get and retain old and new business for the firm.

Personalized iced tea glasses can be used for many different occasions. It can be for business use as well as personal and can be a great way to make the individual feel special. These can be ordered by the hundreds for business's or by the dozens by coaches or family and friends.

Sprucing Up Custom Drinks With Personalized Iced Tea Glassware

Iced tea has become commercialized and packed with sugar, syrups and preservatives. Before large corporations began manufacturing the drink, it was a common feature in many European and American homes. Many had their own personal recipes. This is a fun and delicious hobby that's made far more interesting through the use of personalized iced tea glassware.

One has freedom to create any blend, adding that final, personal touch through garnish and glass choice so that a truly impressive drink is served. There are a few options when it comes to glass selection. These may be dependent on the blend one has created.

One traditional way of making it is by allowing the teabag to brew in the sun for a few hours. This has the effect of creating a mellow flavor, and is typically mixed with syrup and lemon. This is a fairly simple drink and may suite a highball or Collins glass.

A slice of lemon or lime with a mint sprig could be used as garnish. More complex blends sometimes include a dash of fruit juice and even a few berries or blocks of fruit. This is a far more creative drink that demands a more festive glass and decoration.

A hurricane glass is the ideal choice here. It suites more complex garnishes that could include a decadent mix of fruit placed in and around the rim. Umbrellas would be welcome additions to these drinks. These are fabulous blends to serve at parties for guests who prefer a non-alcoholic beverage.

The drink isn't always served in a tall glass. Old fashioned glasses or rocks glasses are often used. Pilsner glasses are also suitable, and suite a sugar rim. At weddings, champagne flutes can be used for toasts so that guests who are teetotalers can participate in proceedings. Creativity is welcome when it comes to this drink, and personalized iced tea glassware is the ideal way to make a statement.