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Personalized Double Old Fashioned Drinking Glasses and Glassware

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14 oz Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Heavy Sham Set of 2
14 oz Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Heavy Sham Set of 2
14 oz Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Heavy Sham Set of 4
14 oz Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Heavy Sham Set of 4
Second Side Etching - Glass
Second Side Etching - Glass
13oz Geo Engraved Double Old Fashion Glasses - Set of 4
13oz Geo Engraved Double Old Fashion Glasses - Set of 4

Reasons That Double Old Fashioned Drinking Glasses Have Changed Over The Years

In previous centuries, glassware looked very different from the way it does today. While they are usually more ornate than the simple styles seen in this decade, there are reasons for these changes. The history of double old fashioned drinking glasses is interesting in many ways.

There are some similarities in terms of style between those constructed centuries ago and those made today. It is easy to tell which 17th and 18th century receptacles were made for wine, and which for beer. Even flutes were used in the 17th century, and they were the same shape they are today, with a narrow bowl and tall stem.

Glass itself wasn't as clear as it is today. It was often decorated with delicate details, cut glass and floral arrangements. Today, clear glass is usually preferred because it allows one to enjoy the aesthetics of a drink. People enjoy seeing the bubbles of their champagne rising slowly, or the clarity of their white wine.

However, flutes had slightly wider mouths than they do today. These days, it's understood that the smaller the surface area of the champagne exposed to air, the better it tastes, and the better it holds its bubbles. Similarly, wine receptacles were far straighter than they are these days.

The bowl was narrower than the rim, whereas today rims are made to have a smaller radius than the bowl to allow for better oxidation and swirling. The narrowed rim also directs the aroma of wine towards the nose for superior taste.

Drink receptacles have become increasingly complex over the years. Each glass is constructed to introduce flavor over the tongue to the best advantage of the fluid it holds. A rim that's wider than the bowl doesn't direct wine to the correct areas of the tongue, and it allows the aroma to dissipate away from the nose. Today's double old fashioned drinking glasses are made to look stylish, but also to allow peak enjoyment of their contents.

Using Personalized Old Fashioned Glassware As Business And Personal Gifts

More and more families are building bars into their homes. Home entertainment is taking the place of going out as a way to beat the recession through money saving. This has increased the need for a full glassware collection and the classiest way to complete one is by using personalized double old fashioned glassware.

Fashion's return to the twenties and fifties has meant that the home is receiving many retro details as part of its design. This has meant that glassware has been following the same trend. Glasses are one of the most important parts of a drink and really make a difference to its taste.

To complete a bar, one will need a full collection of glasses for every possibility, and these are often displayed in sight as a design feature in themselves. This means it's important that they fit in with the general decor of the room. To form a complete collection, a bar needs champagne flutes, white and red wine glasses, classic beer mugs, high balls, lowballs, brandy snifters, port glasses, shot glasses, martini glasses and a full range of cocktail glasses.

High quality glasses make an enormous difference. Glass etchings allow home owners and business owners to have their glasses etched with a logo or one's initials to give them that bit of extra attractiveness. Glasses also make excellent promotional gifts, and etching a company logo onto these increases the significance of the gift.

Wedding favors need to be personal and champagne glasses make an excellent choice here. The couple's initials or a personal message can be etched onto each one to enhance the memory of the special day for each guest who attended. Wedding favors are notoriously placed in the back of guests' cupboard, seldom used and often thrown away.

A gift that's useful is far more likely to be appreciated. Personalized old fashioned glassware is something guests will use and enjoy. Those with special messages etched onto them, perhaps with the guest's name as well, are thoughtful and appreciative.