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Monogrammed Leather Coaster Sets For Home Decoration

Monogrammed Leather Coaster Sets For Home Decoration

Coasters are considered typical decorations and placemats used for hot material or cold drinks. These can be customized into different materials such as wood and many more. The most popular of all designs that are modified versions are the monogrammed leather coaster sets.

These materials can also be used as furniture shields because of the felt that is available in the bottom part. Since the material of these mats is treated during the production, it can be useful in drinking glass because it tends to be water resistant. You can engrave your initials or company logo in the top part of the mats so you can use them for decorations.

Depending on what the customers desire, these monogrammed pads can actually come in different colors and dimensions. With the use of a gold or silver foil, it can styled by foil stamping or embossing. Embossing is a process wherein the customizer presses letters onto the leather in order to create a downward feel. The shade of the embossed letter is the same as that of the animal skin material. When the letter is applied using a gold or silver foil stamp, the process is called foil stamping.

After customization, these types of mats can be ideal gifts to your family or a loved one. It can also be good vintage decorations given the embossed styles. There are designs that contain non-skidded bottoms and are water resistant.

Different do it yourself tutorials can be found online if you want to practice using creativity. However, doing own customization takes a lot of time and effort. For people who do not like wasting time they can check online for shops that sell these products.

It is nice to enjoy personalized monogrammed leather coaster sets. With these available, it is not necessary to settle with regular mats. These are effective gift ideas that give thrill for every occasion.

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