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Personalized Green Marble and Black Marble Book Ends

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Decorative Bookends - Colonnade
Decorative Bookends - Colonnade
Marble Bookends - Bristol
Marble Bookends - Bristol
Black Marble Book Ends - Omni
Black Marble Book Ends - Omni

Personalized Black Marble Bookends Let You Give The Perfect Gifts

When buying a present for someone who's a bookworm, there are a few choices around. You may go for personalized black marble bookends to hand out something thoughtful and useful. There's no doubting that the extra customization touch will make the recipient appreciate the gift even more. Having the recipient's initials etched on the surface shows that you were thinking of only him or her while shopping. Regardless of the event - graduation, job promotion, retirement or just because you care - these make for wonderful gifts. What you're giving is something that adds a decorative touch to the room as well as utility.

The glossy surface and their color make them truly elegant. They will go well with just about any decor at home. The receiver may also choose to place them in the office. Supporting books in an upright fashion has never been this stylish, whether in a shelf that's half-filled or on a tabletop. The veining also makes each one special.

You can have the best present there is with the added monogramming feature. Such may be done straight on the surface, although it's not uncommon for it to be placed on a metal plate, like brass. Then it's the one affixed onto the object. The monogramming may grace only one end or both upon request.

It's not just your friends or relatives that are willing recipients. Even your boss or colleagues will surely appreciate them as well. With these items in their office, a dash of exquisite taste is provided. There will be no doubt in their minds that you just gave them the best present there is.

Available in all sorts of designs, you can find personalized black marble bookends that are just perfect. They come in the form of slabs, columns, spheres and others. While being utilitarian, they also provide a decorative touch. With the recipient's initials, these items truly become special.

Personalized Green Marble Bookends Can Make A Statement

Personalized green marble bookends that make a statement in a hallway can be a very acceptable gift for someone who seems to have everything that is necessary for the quality of life that he leads. He might still have large scale desires such as a luxury car or private island but that does not solve the problem of someone who wishes to express love and appreciation without going as far as a private island.

Online sites allow gifts to be given special identity and delivered to a specific address within a few days of being ordered. A giver can arrange for a personal gift that has personal details engraved permanently on it, making it distinctive, yet personal.

This is one of the benefits of living in an age when communication is swift and efficient. A very personal and thoughtful gift can be arranged in a few minutes of communication. Special instructions with exact details can be sent in an instant. These instructions will be faithfully carried out and the gift will be delivered to a street address in a few days.

Books are not designed to be stored horizontally. The title and author's name are written in the spine so that they stack neatly in an upright position and can be easily identified. When not upright they easily resemble clutter in a house.

Bookends can be very useful in keeping books neat, tidy and respectable. When they are left looking as though they have been flung about the inhabitants seem somehow disrespectful but when they are neatly stored it appears that they have been accorded due respect. This casts an aspersion on the people living in a house as they seem not to appreciate the efforts that have gone into producing works of intellectual stature.

Marble is a material used in statues and buildings of architectural importance. It is symbolic of taste and elegance. Personalized green marble bookends standing on either side of a few significant books can make a compelling statement to visitors when they enter a house.