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Headshot - A Viet Nam Novel

Headshot - A Viet Nam Novel
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Al McGherity is obviously in love with the machines that he flies and this fact is demonstrated through his care for the equipment and his crew.

During this 24-hour period in his life he is scrambled for a SAR mission and begins encountering a series of flashbacks from his tour that he served in Vietnam. Even though the flashbacks relate to the dreams that he agonizes through every night, they are now apparently manifesting themselves in his daily routines.

A strange woman begins to insert herself into each of his daytime flashbacks and provides his life with an added aggravation as he struggles to fight through the dreams and return to his mission. He is quite aware that he is suffering from some sort of disorder, but cannot quite put a name on it.

The book offers a stunning ending that literally turns Al’s world upside down.

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Headshot - A Viet Nam Novel
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