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Leather Products FAQ

Leather Legend

Royce® hand selects leather premised on three key qualities: color, richness, and texture. Only the finest grades of leather are chosen to manufacture our products. Due to the organic nature of leather, natural features such as color variations, scratches, wrinkles and veins are a testament to the authenticity of our delicately tanned leather.

Top Grain Milano Cowhide -3
Soft, supple and durable best characterize this striking cowhide that is built to last on our comprehensive collection of luggage and briefcases.

Boston Leather -4
Resilient, enduring leather with a semi-glossy finish suited for large luggage.

Top Grain Nappa Cowhide -5
The industry gold standard for leather. Our Nappa cowhide is composed of the upper part of the hide split from the dermis, from which the most supple cowhide is derived. Nappa leather has a smooth finish and a soft, rich texture.
Because Top Grain Nappa Cowhide best embodies timeless elegance from both a fashion and functional perspective, we have chosen it as the signature cowhide for the Royce® Collection.

Genuine Leather -6
CComposed of beautiful leather from the lower part of the hide and finished with Nappa-esque gloss.

Florida Leather -F
Utilized on our classic duffel bag, this genuine leather embodies a rich texture and reflects the natural grain of the hide.

Bonded Leather -8
Leather made for the environmentally conscious. Discarded genuine leather is created into strips and adhered to a strong back for a completely new product. Bonded leather is a perfect alternative to genuine leather for a price sensitive taste of luxury.

Aristo Bonded Leather –AR
Aristo Italian Bonded Leather features rich coloring, grain detail and a distinguished artisanal finish.

Man Made -10
Leather created by coalescing plastic, rubber and synthetic components that have been bonded to a fabric backing and mimics the rich texture of leather.

Milano Feather-Lite Man Made Leather -11
A budget conscious alternative to natural leather, this man-made leather combines synthetic materials to create a very soft texture.

Vaquetta - COL
Rugged, rich and buttery best epitomize Vaquetta leather. Composed of cowhide from cattle that roam the wild plains of Colombia, Vaquetta best reflects the beauty of each hide.



1.) What was one of the first industries regulated by the U.S. EPA?
The Tanning industry in the early 1970’s.

2) What gives leather its “scent”?
The Tanning Oils and Chemicals used in the tanning process.

3) What are the most common animal hides used in the leather industry?
Cow, Steers, Horses and Buffalo are the most commonly used.

4) What is the difference between top grain and split leather?
Top Grain is when only the hair and lower dermis have been removed. Split is the leather made from the lower dermis that has been separated from the top grain and given a finish similar to that of the top grain.

5) Where does most of the leather used in the world come from?
The U.S.A. generates most of the hides used in the leather making process. The hides are preserved in salt until they reach the tanning factories around the world, mostly in China and Korea.

6) What is Bonded Leather?
Bonded leather is leather made by the grinding up of leather pieces, which is then mixed with a bonding agent and dyes to create a new very uniformly leather.

7) What is Man-Made Leather?
Imitation leather made up from a composite of plastics, fabric and rubber. The finished product is made to look and feel like real leather, but for a fraction of the cost.

8) What is suede?
Suede is a finish applied to leather, where the top surface is “Brushed” to create a nap instead of a smooth finish commonly used on leather. Suede is usually made from Pig or Lamb skin.

9) What are known as “Exotic’s?
Ostrich, Alligator, Lizards, Snake are a few of what are known as Exotic Leathers.

10) When was the first leather tanned?
The tanning of leather dates back 5,000 years to the Egyptians, who have the first recorded methods of tanning, hides.

11) What is the most desired method of decorating leather goods?
The debossing process is one of the most preferred methods. Debossing is a process where by a logo/design or initials is seared or branded permanently into the leather.

12) What are most debossing dies made of?
The dies used in the debossing process are usually made from Magnesium, Brass or Copper.

13) What is Milano Top Grain Leather?
Milano is the finish of the leather. Milano actually derives from the process for the finishing of the leather that has the exact same finish and texture as that of the finest Italian leathers, that are considered by many in the industry as the finest leathers in the world.

14) What is the difference between Sedona Bonded and Colorado Bonded Leather?
While both are made in primarily the same manufacturing process the difference comes with the top finish. The Sedona finish gives you the same look and texture as that of Top Grain Napa Cowhide, where the Colorado has a shinny grained finish applied as it’s top finish.

15) What is meant when a product says Genuine Leather?
Genuine Leather is a term usually applied to the leather similar to Split Leather. It is the lower levels of the dermis (skin) that have been sheared off the top grain. A finish is applied to the top surface to imitate that of the top grain leather.

16) What is Harness Hide Leather?
Harness leather is the full leather skin used in the manufacturing process. It is very thick and durable.










Deboss and Foil Stamping Information

Depression of an image into the leather with a die, so the image sits below the product surface.
edeboss.jpg (2037 bytes)

Foil Stamping
Method of color printing on leather using thin metallic or pigmented film and a die.
efoil.jpg (3362 bytes)

Brass Plates

Available on some leather items and is done by engraving the name or initials onto the brass plate and the plate is attached to the item.

engraved monograms

Monogram and Full Name Fonts available for Deboss and Foil Stamp
Capital letters only
Size will be determined by space available.