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Crystal/Glassware FAQ

Here is some information on how things work and what is available for your crystal awards orders.
Email us or call us at (218) 678-3831 if your question isn't answered.
Wealthwood Gifts Benefits
  • Free shipping on USA orders over $50.
  • Awards are delivered in less than 2 weeks. Expediting service is available (Usually results in higher shipping costs).
  • No set up or make ready charges for crystal awards (As compared to $50-$150 with other companies).
  • Artwork clean up charges are only $20 (As compared to $35-$100 with other companies).
  • Repeat customers receive a 10% discount on future orders.
  • Free samples if they are returned
  • Free paper proofs
  • Ask for "Mary" who has 5 years of experience or "Ginger" who has more than 2 years of experience for help
  • Easy repeat ordering. Email us with what you want and we will take it from there.
  • Small company flexibility
  • Strong customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Upscale, high quality products that you will be proud to give!
Satisfaction Guarantee You must be completely satisfied with your order. We will correct our errors or defects free of charge or refund your money upon return of the undesired merchandise. Once you approve the paper proof, we are responsible for matching the proof as shown. Please check the proof carefully for correctness.
By the way, our return rate is less than one half of 1%. We fix problems fast. If you don't think so call Ken or Mary (co-owners) at 218 678 3831.
Production Process Here are the steps and the process we go through to complete your order including approximate time frames.
  • Receive and enter order by noon the next business day.
  • Receive and review layout and artwork. If there are any initial concerns we will email or call you.
  • If artwork cleanup is needed, we will contact you. There is a $20 charge for artwork cleanup. Artwork clean up will add an extra day to the process.
  • Send order, layout and artwork to the factory. Inventory is reserved and production scheduled within 5-6 business days.
  • Receive a paper proof from the art department, review it, and fax (or email if requested) it to you for your approval. This takes 4-5 business days.
  • Receive changes or approval from you. If changes are needed, we repeat the artwork process until it is the way you want it (This may delay production schedule).
  • The order is sent to the factory for production.
  • The order is shipped to your designated shipping address via UPS ground unless other arrangements are made. We email the tracking number to you. This step takes 1-5 business days depending on the shipping address.
  • You receive and inspect the order. Let us know if there is anything needing attention.
The overall process takes less than 2 calendar weeks unless there is a delay with layouts or artwork.
  Packaging will be in one of the three packages as shown depending on size and shape of the item.

The two top packages have a blue with silver stripes. The bottom package is a solid navy blue with white sides.

These are the only packaging options available.
  Etching Technique: We use a deep etch, a luxurious technique and provides the ultimate in etched crystal. Your logo is cut deeply into the surface of the glass and requires no breaks within the design.

All etching is done using a mask and sandblasted.

Coloring of the etched areas is not available.
Artwork (All about logos) Here are some tips that might make the process of ordering an award a little easier.
  • Ideally, all images and logo's need to be clean, black and white artwork (no shades of gray) and in Adobe .eps or .ai format and vector based to avoid cleanup charges.
  • But not to worry, other artwork, that does not meet the above specifications, may be provided. A nominal charge of $20 will be added to your order. We can handle most file types including .gif and .jpeg.

Convert My Logo or Artwork - $20      

  • Imbedded files in a document can be difficult to extract. Please try to find a file with just the logo on it. The people who order your stationery may have one on file that you can use. Someone else who has ordered awards may have one also.
  • Extreme artwork changes (rare) may cost up to $40. We will contact you before starting the process.
  • The easiest way to find out if there will be artwork problems is to email a file or two that you have on hand to We will inform you of any potential problems. Some logo's don't engrave well since crystal engraving is two dimensional and colors are not used. You can use this service without placing an order.
  • Logo's will be sized to fit the space available and be proportional for the award and the general layout. Of course, this is subject to your approval of the paper proof.
  • Artwork kept on file forever for future orders.
Award Layout Tips Here are some layout tips that may be helpful. Each award situation varies so there are always exceptions.
  • Usually the logo is placed above the text.
  • Who, What, Why, When, Where
  • Make the reason for the award stand out both in phrasing and font sizes (i.e. Outstanding Sales Achiever - 2006, etc.
  • Make the persons name stand out with larger font sizes (We are trying to make the person feel good about their achievement).
  • Less is usually more! Keep your supporting message short and to the point for two reasons. First, more text results in a smaller font size due to limited engraving space. Secondly, few people read the supporting message contents in detail.
  • Use easily readable fonts. The more exotic fonts, like cursive, need larger font sizes therefore take more space to be easily readable.
  • Use the logo to represent the company brand whenever possible. Text takes up space and doesn't usually get read in detail anyway.
  • Write down several ideas that come to mind and narrow the selection.
  • Avoid using all capital letters. Hard to read.
  • Use a bolder font and or larger size for the title and persons name for emphasis. Use smaller font for supporting text.
  • If the award has a theme, try to use the theme in context with the award or supporting text (i.e. "Like a rising star, your performance has set an example for others to follow").


Some ideas include (these would be spaced and centered in the engraving space available):

Reaching New Heights
Persons name
Outstanding Sales Performance

Award of Technical Excellence
Presented to
Persons name
Achieving success one step at a time.

Persons name
Twenty Years of Caring

Outstanding Sales Achievement
Persons name

Quarter Century Club
Persons name
for 25 years of making a difference

Set up Standard type faces: When you provide your layout indicate the type face you desire and we will match the type face as closely as possible for the initial proof. We either have or can obtain most any type face you may want.
Set up charges: There are no order set up or make ready charges unless the artwork needs modification. (See the artwork section).

Copy Changes


There is no charge for the first text layout and/or name.
There is a $7.50 copy change charge for each time the layout, text or name changes (not for each item)

Copy Change Charge - $7.50 each change    

Second Side Etching There is a $4.50 charge per item for etching on the second side.

Second Side Etching - $4.50 each side   

Production Time Normal: Less than 2 calendar weeks for all USA orders.
Rush Orders: We can expedite orders, however, keep in mind that there is a 1-2 day minimum turnaround time for artwork plus a 1-2 day turnaround for the etching. Usually time is gained on expediting shipping. Call us at (218) 678 3831 if you need a rush order.
Christmas Production: Order and artwork must be received by December 1st to guarantee shipment (not delivery) by December 15th.
Samples Samples are provided free of charge provided they are returned to us. The sample will have a random logo and text. If not returned, we will bill you for half of the lowest price for the item. Email or call us with the item number and shipping address. Samples with your logo and artwork are treated as a regular order.
  • Normal shipments are shipped via UPS ground. This takes 1-5 business days depending on your location. Use the map below to determine number of days in transit.
  • Second day air is available for a flat rate of $25.00.
  • Next day air is charged at our actual cost. You can use your FEDEX or UPS number for shipping if desired.
  • Shipping to Canada is UPS Ground only. Customer is responsible for customs charges.
    Crystal awards shipping map
Yellow - 1 day Brown - 2 days Green - 3 days Maroon - 4 days Pink - 5 days
Date Needed We capture your date needed during order entry so we can make sure you receive your order on time.
Quality Reference Each award has a quality reference number to give you a good description of the award's quality specifications.
Proposition 65 Lead Crystal: Proposition 65 requires us to warn California residents that consuming food or beverages that have been kept or served in leaded-crystal products, or handling products made of leaded crystal will expose you to lead, a chemical know to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.