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March 2008 Wealthwood Gifts expands with the addition of a wedding line

   /24-7PressRelease/ - AITKIN, MN, March 28, 2008 - The expansion of the wedding line allows the company to offer a wider range of quality gifts for the entire wedding party and is a strategic move toward the future. This decision was made by Ken and Mary, co-owners of Wealthwood gifts, who have been involved in this market since 1997.

When they started the business, it was part time and run out of their home on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. Today the business has grown significantly, competing directly with other companies, while still maintaining the personalized service of a smaller company. This has allowed Ken and Mary the luxury of standing behind the companies mission statement, which simply stated is "Outstanding Customer Service." Both Ken and Mary state "If you are not satisfied with your purchase or our service for any reason, we will work with you to resolve the situation to your satisfaction."

This business approach, along with the knowledge required to build a successful internet site, has allowed Wealthwood to be one of the best places to shop online for a variety of gifts for all occasions. And with the new implementation, CEO Ken, hopes to double the business growth in the next 3 years. Both the wedding line and a golf addition, later in the year, are part of an aggressive business plan to stimulate more business and expand the business.

Offering more variety to online shoppers, while maintaining quality, plus the addition of staff for copywriting and systems management, which are all part of necessary business growth. And because business's are always evolving, standing apart from the competition and maintaining a high standard of service and excellence, are what gets results in today's world of online shopping.

Wealthwood Gifts was started in 1997 because Ken needed something to do, and has become a well established business since then. Both Ken and Mary have business backgrounds which have contributed to the success of Wealthwood Gifts Inc. Ken specialized in management, IS, tech and internet before he retired and Mary has always specialized in customer service.

About Wealthwood Gifts Inc.
Wealthwood Gifts Inc. specializes in personalized gifts, promotional products, and awards. A well established online company that has consistent growth, quality products and is dedicated to delighting the customer

December 2008   Wealthwood Gifts Inc. Scores a Hole-In-One with New Web-site

AITKIN, MN, December 13, 2008 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Wealthwood Gifts Inc. an Internet Company specializing in Promotional and Personalized Gifts through their web-site, Wealthwood Gifts is expanding into a specific high content site dedicated to the golf-enthused and personalized golf gift market.

This new golf web-site will feature golf articles, blogs, and a news portal as well as free tournament planning resources, golf games and WordPress golf templates resources.

The site specific products will include golf tournament gifts, trophies and awards along with personalized golf gifts. Special services will be offered, including assistance for golf tournament planners, such as a partnership with GolfRegistration.com to supply tournament planning software.

About Wealthwood Gifts, Inc.: Based on the north shore of Mille Lacs Lake, the company has been active in their endeavors since 1996, known as Wealthwood Enterprises and started as a mail-order catalog business.

Founder Ken Johnson from Stillwater, MN (retired from IS Management) switched to the internet venue realizing the exciting opportunity created by doing so. As the business grew, co-founder Mary Braun originally from Osseo, MN resigned her teaching position to segue from part-time involvement with the company into full-time.

In years past the company has boasted an increase in sales every year. The name was changed to Wealthwood Gifts, Inc. and incorporated in May of 2005 to better establish themselves as an internet 'gift' company. As avid golfers, the founders recognized the need to branch out to more completely embrace the personalized golf gift market and provide quality products for this niche.

Visit this innovative new golf website, available at: Wealthwood Golf Gifts

Contact Information:
Wealthwood Gifts, Inc.
Media Dpt. Contact: Ken Johnson or Mary Braun
38809 240th Street, Aitkin, MN 56431
Wealthwood Email
Telephone: (218)678-3831

January 2009

Wealthwood Gifts Inc. Reduces Promotional Gifts Set Up Charges Again

Wealthwood Gifts, Inc. announces new and exciting reduction of set up charges for selected leather promotional gifts. Free die setup on quantities of 2 or more as compared to a quantity of 51 or more. This takes effect immediately.

This is an industry exception when it comes to personalizing leather promotional gifts. Die setup charges have always been an industry standard when placing orders for items personalized with your company name or logo. Wealthwood Gifts, Inc is on the cutting edge of making your promotional gift shopping easier and cheaper.

Wealthwood Gifts originally started with a "No Setup Charge" policy (when artwork is provided in black and white camera ready vector art format) for crystal and marble promotional gifts, employee awards and corporate trophies back in 2007. They have now expanded the policy to include the majority of the leather items they carry on their promotional gift pages.

Wealthwood Gifts also offers one of the most reasonable art conversion charges on the web. If your logo or image isn't in black and white camera ready vector art format, you can provide whatever artwork you have and the majority of the art conversion can be done for a one time $20 charge. Mary Braun, president states that Wealthwood hopes to eliminate that charge also, sometime in the future.

Wealthwood Gifts, Inc is a web based site for employee awards and trophies, promotional gifts and personalized gifts.

Contact Information:
Wealthwood Gifts, Inc.
Media Dpt. Contact: Ken Johnson or Mary Braun
38809 240th Street,
Aitkin, MN 56431
Email Address: wemail at wealthwood.com
Telephone: 218 678 3831


January 2009 Wealthwood Gifts, Inc. Announces Affiliation with Golfregistrations.com

 AITKIN, MN, January 09, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Wealthwood Gifts, Inc. a reputable Internet Company that specializes in Promotional and Personalized Gifts available at Wealthwood Gifts has launched the new Wealthwood Golf web-site available at Golf Tournament Gifts and announces its affiliation with Golfregistrations.com, a complete golf tournament management software system.

This software will enable the user, along with non-profit and community organizations, to create a many faceted online golf tournament site complete with sponsor and volunteer management, registration, pre-event promotions and tournament planning check-list. Manage teams, assign holes, list auction and raffle items online and accept charitable donations all within this incredible software package. This software also enables the user to create their own web-site.

Wealthwood Gifts, Inc. was established in 1996 by Ken Johnson and Mary Braun. Located in the north woods along the shores of Mille Lacs Lake, the company has grown steadily with a vision of complete customer service as its main focus.

Grasping the opportunity to branch into the golf venue seemed natural being that both founders are avid golfers themselves. They see the need for a complete golf tournament planning site whether it is for the purpose of charitable fundraising or ordering promotional awards and golf gifts.

Visit this innovative new golf web site at: Golf Tournament Gifts

Contact Information:
Wealthwood Gifts, Inc.
Media Dpt. Contact: Ken Johnson or Mary Braun
38809 240th Street,
Aitkin, MN 56431
Email Address: csmail@wealthwood.com
Telephone: 218 678 3831

About Wealthwood Gifts Inc.

Wealthwood Gifts Inc. specializes in personalized gifts, promotional gifts, and awards. A well established online company that has consistent growth, quality products and is dedicated to delighting the customer.

August 2009

Engraved Wine Bottles Make Exciting Gift Giving Opportunities for Business and Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts and Promotional Gift suppliers, Wealthwood Gifts, Inc Announces Partnership with Etching Wines and Spirits of Indianapolis, IN. Etching Wines and Spirits engraves logos and images on wine bottles which Wealthwood is promoting for its' personalized gifts and promotional products lines.

The pilot marketing program will include pre-selected images for the Christmas shopping season including the gift recipients name engraved on the bottle. In parallel, the promotional wine bottles will be sold to companies with their logo engraved on the wine bottles.

Mary Braun, president of Wealthwood Gifts, says this marketing opportunity is the best new product to come along in awhile. "It will fit our high end marketing strategy and will provide our customers very unique gifting opportunities."

Engraving options include printed vinyl label, deep etching with color fill and metal art labeling. Bottle sizes include 187 ML, 750 ML and 1.5 L. Wine offerings include sparkling champagne, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and non-alcoholic products.

Examples of label or etching art is custom designed for corporate business, financial, real estate, golf, arts and entertainment, charitable events, casinos, hotel, restaurant. Any theme or business can be accommodated. Special occasions such as weddings are also supported.

Wealthwood Gifts, an online internet retailer, has been in business since 1997. Their niche markets include:
Personalized Gifts at Wealthwood Gifts
Promotional Gifts at Promotional Gifts
Awards, Trophies and Plaques at Awards and Plaques
Golf Tournament Supplies and Gifts at Golf Tournament Gifts
Blog, Articles and Gift Directory at Blog

For more information contact
Mary Braun, President

About Wealthwood Gifts Inc.

Wealthwood Gifts Inc. specializes in personalized gifts, promotional products, and awards. A well established online company that has consistent growth, quality products and is dedicated to delighting the customer.

August 2009

Wealthwood Gifts Launches Two Link and Article Directories

Aitkin MN August 8, 2009 - Wealthwood Gifts Inc announces the opening of two link and article directories to provide a venue for shoppers and online retailers to interact. The two supported niches are personalized gifts and promotional gifts which are a subset of shopping in general.

While directories as such have become somewhat passé, this directory integrates articles with links by subject, which Wealthwood believes will be welcomed by shoppers and retailers alike. As an example, if a buyer is gift shopping for a birthday, they will find online retailers specializing in birthday gifts and they will fine articles related to birthday gifts.

The personalized gifts article and link directory is geared for the online gift buyers who are looking for unique, high quality gifts for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Being organized by product type as well as occasion will facilitate the matching of buyers and sellers more easily. Emphasis of the directory is on personalized gifts. 

The promotional gifts article and link directory is focused toward two different types of buyers, one being buyers of more expensive corporate, executive or business gifts and the other focusing on buyers of give away items such as pens, t-shirts, etc.

 Article writers are invited to provide articles related to the subject without charge. Likewise, retailers can provide links and articles describing their business which is a much stronger presentation to the buyers all for free. The directories are manually edited prior to approving links or articles to minimize spammers. Wealthwood’s benefit in providing these services will be strengthened corporate branding and links to its sites.

 Wealthwood has been in the online retail business since 1997 and operates multiple shopping sites, featuring personalized gifts, corporate/employee awards, golf tournament gifts, corporate gifts and promotional products.

 For additional information contact
Mary Braun, President


October 2010

Wealthwood Gifts, Inc., Announces Shoppers Bookmarking Service

01-OCTOBER-2010: Mary Braun, President of Wealthwood Gifts, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of a new Social Bookmarking Service designed to meet the unique and distinctive needs of shoppers and retailers of Wealthwood. Members can now get immediate information and share experiences with other shoppers using the application.

When interviewed recently, President Mary Braun said, "An impressive web sites function is to help shoppers acquire great gift ideas for any occasion. We have made it possible for shoppers to let their fingers do the window shopping at any time of the day or night. There is no need to fight the crowds in stores and parking lots because we're always open for business for our valued customers to place an order. We have met the challenge for shoppers who live an active lifestyle and developed a way to shop that couldn't be easier".

The new social bookmarking service joins a cadre of features provided by Wealthwood that includes an articles directory for shoppers looking for ideas or information about products and personalized gifts; A blog that provides shoppers with great tips for choosing the perfect gift for any occasion; A retail shopping directory; and, a valuable collection of resources that will help shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.

CEO Ken Johnson has stated, "The new social bookmarking feature provides another shopping service function to allow Wealthwood Gifts to become a unique and premier shopping service. While there are thousands of generic bookmarking services out there, there are very few related to shopping."

The experienced and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of customer service and are able to provide information regarding the best personalized gifts that will be treasured by the recipient. When a customer has a question, there are trained staff on hand to answer questions about your gift.

To get more information about the social bookmarking service and other fabulous features offered by Wealthwood Gifts, Inc., visit Wealthwood Gifts today! The following contact information is available to members of the press who would like additional information with regard to this specific release.

Contact Name: Press Relations Department
Company Name: Wealthwood Gifts Inc
Address: 38809 240th St., Aitkin MN 56431
Phone Number: 218.678.3831
Fax Number: 218.678.2576
Email: csmail@welathwood.com
Website: http://www.wealthwood.com/


September 2011

Wealthwood Gifts Inc Announces Launch of Modernized Website for User-friendly Christmas Shopping

A redesigned website for easy shopping of promotional and personalized gifts is being launched by Wealthwood.com for user convenience

Wealthwood Gifts Inc announces release of its updated website that is custom developed for users to shop and order gifts for Christmas online in a convenient way. This internet retail company located on the North Shore of Mille Lacs Lake in Central Minnesota specializes in upscale personalized gifts; custom engraved promotional products, awards and golf gifts. The redesigned website of wealthwood.com has all the features consumers look for when shopping online.

The company has been serving customers since 1997 with the very best personalized gifts for all special occasions. With a highly ethical business approach, the company guarantees an enjoyable shopping experience. From coffee mugs, drinking glasses to laptop bags and leather briefcases, the website provides exciting opportunities to decorate it as per their wish.

“We had a major goal of redesigning our website to offer a streamlined shopping experience and have accomplished that”, says the spokesperson of Wealthwood.com, “Our website suggests gift ideas to buyers and provides complete time-saving solutions for purchasing gifts that feels unique and personal.”

Gifting others with unique items brings tremendous happiness in our minds. To make our loved ones happy is always the thought of most of us during festive seasons and special occasions. It’d be really special if some personal touch is added to such gifts. Weathwood.com offers promotional holiday gifts ( http://promotional-gifts.biz/ )and recognition awards that can be personalized as per customers’ requirements and desire.

“We have a range of gifts for all occasions and for all kinds of people. All you have to do is choose a gift and if you want to add a personal touch to it, you can personalize your gift with a range of engraving options”, comments the spokesperson, when speaking about the services offered,” You may have monograms, names, images, logos, embossed or debossed or engraved on these interesting gift items. You may also fix embossed brass plates or foil stamps on these gifts.”

This website is definitely a greater choice for consumers who look for reasonably priced personalized Christmas holiday gifts ( http://www.wealthwood.com/christmas-holiday-gifts/ ) of fine quality.

“We will do what is necessary to create happy customers who will purchase products from us over and over again. You can depend on us to respond quickly and provide you a safe, secure and enjoyable shopping experience”, he adds further.

About Wealthwood.com

Wealthwood Gifts Inc is an internet retail company that specializes in custom engraved promotional products, employee service awards ( http://www.wealthwood.com/corporate_awards/ )and personalized gifts. The company has more than 10 years of experience in this industry and has been serving customers with finest quality promotional holiday gifts. For more details, visit http://www.wealthwood.com/.

Wealthwood Gifts Inc
Ken Johnson
38809 240th St
Aitkin, MN
United States, 56431


March 2012

Weatlhwood Gifts Inc Announces Implementation of New Shopping Cart Software

 March 27, 2012


 Aitkin, MN – Wealthwood Gifts Inc has implemented a new CMS shopping cart system. Many new features allow our users a significantly improved shopping experience. The new shopping cart has all of the user requested features for a great shopping experience.

 Some of the user friendly personalized gifts ordering features include

  • Simplified and easy to follow personalization selection options for personalizing gifts.
  • A two page, easy to use, fully featured checkout process including scheduled delivery dates, retention of multiple shipping addresses and more.
  • Clean, simple and easy navigation
  • Online order status
  • Full customer service interaction

 The initial implementation includes the personalized gifts business segment with the other business segments being interfaced seamlessly with the legacy systems. The remaining segments will be phased in during the next year. This follows a major rework of the legacy systems in September of 2011.

 Mary Braun, CEO, says that “The 6 months of programming and testing was well worth the effort”. “We now have a flexible and easy to use system that will carry us well into the future and will allow us to compete with our major competitors”. “Our already strong customer service function will be improved with this new system”.

 Wealthwood Gifts is a prominent retailer of personalized gifts, awards and plaques, promotional gifts and golf tournament gifts and awards since 1997. They incorporated in June of 2005. Visit Weathwood’s for top quality products that can be personalized and customized to fit your needs.

Wealthwood Gifts Inc
Ken Johnson
38809 240th St
Aitkin, MN
United States, 56431