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Golf Tournament Gifts, Awards, Promotional Gifts, Golf Divot Repair Tools

Golf Tournament Gifts
Golf Tournament Gifts
Divot Repair Tools
Divot Repair Tools
Magnetic Ball Markers
Magnetic Ball Markers
Hat Clip Ball Markers
Hat Clip Ball Markers
Golf Flags
Golf Flags
Awards Plaques Trophies
Awards Plaques Trophies

Golf Divot Repair Tools

Golf is a game whose popularity is growing fast and now the wealthy in the society are not the only ones who can play golf. Anyone who takes a fancy in golf has as much of a chance as the next guy. So for those who are new in the game of golf, and have only been acquainted with the basic instruments/equipments used to play golf, here is a quick peak at the golf divot repair tools. A divot is repaired by a tool that has got sharp edges like the ones found in forks.

A divot repair tool is used to repair the ball marks made on the ground of a golf course after taking a swing at it. Using a divot is not as easy as it sounds and if it is not repaired correctly, then everyone will suffer as a consequence because the green will be left in a bad condition. When using a divot, you do not just dig it in the ground and push it up again. You have to close the space or gap made by the ball, and then the divots’ sides are to be pushed together. Below are steps to follow when repairing the green using a divot:
• Take the divot and place it in the ground slightly outside the place where the ball has made a mark.

• Press the divot downwards and again forward so that the ground will be pushed close together.
• Then, the tool is to be moved in whichever side so that the divot can be closed.

• To level out the ball mark, use your putter then lightly tap the place the ball had made a mark.

Other divot repair tools include the ergonomic tool, the green-buddy/switch blade and the stainless steel key chain.


 Golf Tournament Awards

If you ask a person that often plays golf, he/she would say that it is the best sport. So what makes golf even more fun is the tournaments. After the tournament there are always those that win and those that do not. The winners are given awards for their excellent performance. Finding a Good golf tournament award is not easy as most people confuse awards with gifts and end up buying gifts instead. Some good ideas for golf tournament awards:

• Golf ball display: This would make a good golf tournament award. They also come in different sizes.
• Medallions: They are probably the most common awards in not only golf but also in other sports.
• Electroplated trophies: These are probably the best golf tournament awards to give a player especially if he/she has won the game.
• Trophy cups: These are also one of the most favorable ones when it comes to golf tournament awards given to those that have won.
• Golf drive trophies: They usually have sculptures of a golf ball and a golf club.
• Male and Female golfer figurines: Come in different materials and also designs in terms of the postures the figurines are in when playing golf.
• Figurines of golf shoes: are also a favorite and can be made from different materials.
• Golf bag figurines: The trophies are made to look like a golf bag with its golf clubs inside.
• Crystal bowl awards: These are awards that have been made in the shapes of bowls; cups, buckets pitchers etc and most of them are made from crystals.

The above mentioned golf tournament awards are just but a few of a wider range of awards that can be presented to the golf players at a tournament.

Golf Tournament Gifts

When one hears the name Tiger Woods, the first thing that comes to your head is golf. Golf is a sport that uses equipments called clubs to hit a hard ball that is required to enter one of the nine to eighteen small holes that are made in the ground for that specific sport. The field used to play golf is called a golf course and just like any other sport, there are winners and runners up (not losers). So what can those that play golf give to the ones that have participated in and won a golf tournament? Below are some great ideas for golf tournament gifts:

• Golf Books: There are a lot of golf books being sold in selected bookshops all over. There are those that allow you to add a personal touch by having a message typed in the book. They make wonderful gifts for a golf tournament.
• Golf games: By games I mean games like golf monopoly games and many more.
• Calendars: These are not just your ordinary calendars, they are calendars made for golf. They have pictures that have something to do with golf. You can even get a customized one that has a photo of the one receiving the gift.
• Ball boxes: These are boxes that have been specially designed to store golf balls and are usually made of wood. They would definitely make good golf tournament gifts.
• Audio and video golf CD’s: Are CD’s that generally talk about the game of golf and probably have some good golf playing tips.
• Golf clubs: Anyone who plays golf will love this gift as it will help them better in their game.
• Golf balls: These are great golf tournament gifts and you add that special touch by signing them.