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Personalized Christmas Gifts for Him: 3 Smart Pointers

Personalized Gifts for Him: 3 Smart Pointers that Should Get You Started

Christmas is around the corner. What do you plan on getting for your partner or significant other this season? If you want to make a lasting impression, you would need to break that generic tradition of underwear, ties and the newest iphone. If you are at a loss about a personalized gift you can get your man this season, here are 3 smart pointers that should get you started.

Custom Jewelry
Your man would be pleased if you gave him a classy piece of jewelry for Christmas. But you can make it even stand out if you have a few touching words engraved on it. Jewelry is something that he would often put on and when he does, he remembers you and that is a good thing. You could give him a key chain, pocket watch or bracelet. However, ensure you have something special inscribed as a token of your affection for him. It could be his pet name, his initials or a sweet and succinct message of undying love.

Go Sporting
 If your man is the outdoorsy type and loves sports, then you should be looking at getting something for him along those lines. If your man loves hunting, you can get him a ‘combat’ jacket with army fatigues or a camouflage knapsack with his name sewed into the canvas.
If he also likes heading to the gym to work out, you can also replace his weather beaten bag with something new, complete and customized with fitness accessories. If he loves to ski, purchase a pair of skis or a snowboard and have an artist airbrush them with his favorite colors or nice message.

Family Tree
You can create family tree for your man with a large poster board depicting family member photos, names and birth dates. This might be a lot of work. So you can engage the services of a professional, if you do not trust your arty instincts or want a more polished feel.
Furthermore, you can purchase an electronic photo frame and load it with a memory card with pictures of the most cherished people around him or the most memorable moments of his life.

Guys are not really difficult to shop for once you know what gives them their kick. A man would always want to wear jewelry that his partner got for him.  Most men have at least one leisure interest and every man should be proud about his family background. So instead of fretting or splitting hairs about  what gift to give him this Christmas, get cracking with the ones mentioned.


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