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Personalized Christmas Gifts for Mom

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Personalized Christmas Gifts for Mom: 3 Thoughtful Gifts You Can Get Her this Christmas

When choosing the perfect Yuletide gift for your mom, it helps to pick out something with a personal touch.  A custom-made item shows that you care and would take time to get her something special, rather than settle for something every Tom, Dick and Harry is getting for their mama. When it comes to personalized Christmas gifts for mom, think top quality items like glass or metal which can be used to engrave special or personal messages to the mama angel who carried you in the womb for 9 months.  It would be more than magical, if you could have the gifts done in your mother’s favorite colors.

Personalized Ornament
Give your mom a personalized or customized ornament this Christmas and she will cherish it forever. You can use a pulsating stained glass, shaped in form of a guardian angel, featuring some felicitations and your dearest mom’s name. Attach the ornament to a glowing ball that would contain names of all family members. Secondly, you can also get a personalized ornament that mirrors your mom’s interests or hobbies. It could be a cat, dog, book or even a garden tool, leave some doting words from the family on the ornament. Give your personalized decoration a special touch by beautifying it with glitter glue gemstones, stencils or acrylic paint.

Engraved Glass Frame
Give your mom an elegant picture frame made out of glass this Christmas. A curved or sloping frame constructed out of thick glass would definitely leave a good impression. This sloping picture frame would allow her conveniently display her portrait on an office desk, bookshelf or flat surface. Take out time to pick out special words carefully. You have very little space to appreciate your mom so make every word count. It could be a poem, quote or something that you have noticed your mom say over the years about motherhood. You can save your mom the trouble by including a family picture or a picture of her basking in all her motherhood glory.

Birthstone Pendants
You can also surprise your mom with a birthstone pendant during the special season. Choose stones that are a replication of the birthstones of the children. You can choose sterling silver or original gold. It should be a heart shaped pendant with your mom’s birthstone topmost. It is should then be followed with the birthstone of the children. Garnet is for January, peridot falls with August and topaz works with November. You could also settle for a heart-shaped locket with small key shaped birthstone-encrusted words like ‘You are the Key to a Loving Heart’.