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Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Excellent Tips for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

By: Mary Braun    
Submitted 2009-10-10

Nobody wants to have a Christmas tree that matches the look of a certain cartoon character’s tree. You know the one I am talking about. It’s small, naked, and disheartening looking. It’s everything that most people try hard to make sure that their tree is contrary of. There are many ways to bring your tree to life and make sure those that view it are a bit envious. Let’s look at some tree-mendous tips to help you have your holiday tree looking like an award winner in no time.

First off, you need to select the tree itself. There is nothing wrong with having an artificial tree, and it is certainly much more cost effective as it can be reused again and again. Search around to find one that is to your liking, and make sure that it has a nice full look when it is out of the box. Size is important as well, as you want to make sure that it fills up the area that you place it in nicely but not so much that it barely fits. Naturally, going out and getting a real tree has a much better Christmas vibe to it, but it can also be pretty expensive.

Next, you need to decide just what type of look you would like your tree to have. Some trees are strictly decorated with only a certain type of ornament, while others are comprised of a little bit of everything. Maybe you would like to keep the whole thing to a certain color scheme to match your other decorations. Find a nice tree skirt to cover the base of the tree, something that will be a nice backdrop for the presents that are soon to be resting underneath.

Finally, since you have already selected the type of decorations that you will use, the only thing left to do is to decorate it. Perhaps you will give it a bit of a theme, or maybe you would just like to have fun and go crazy with it. Regardless of what types of ornaments, garland, lights, or popcorn strands you have to decided to use, it’s always a great idea to give the tree a personal touch by adding homemade ornaments that you or your children have made.

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